Braley says Lions worth $40M

[b]Braley recently stepped up negotiations to sell his Toronto Argonauts to Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment, sparking speculation that the same was about to happen with his B.C. Lions.

When asked what price he would put on the Lions franchise, Braley answered with the question: “What would you pay for it??

He rolled his eyes when the number $25 million was volleyed back to him. “Not even close,? he said.

The one-on-one conversation took place Wednesday morning in the Emerald Room of the Fairmont Pacific Rim during a break in the unveiling of the Grey Cup Festival Nov. 26-30 in Vancouver.

“With the new TSN television contract in place for five years and new stadiums in Hamilton and Ottawa, the league is as stable as it’s ever been,? Braley said, “I’d be inclined to think in terms of $40 million.?[/b]

Former and present Lions players on hand included a healthy-looking Jim (Dirty Thirty) Young who was bursting with pride when Braley let it be known the two were gridiron teammates as teenagers at Westdale High in Hamilton.

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If they sell for anywhere near $40m, that would be fantastic!

Is this why MLSE is interested in the Argos? No NFL conspiracy, but just a valid, strong business case.

You might be right Captain. Although difficult to compare, the range in the NFL of team values, according to Forbes is Dallas Cowboys valued at $2.3 billion at the high end and the low end Oakland Raiders at $825 mill. So the highest team is more than double the lowest team. I'd probably put the Argos at the lowest value in the CFL due to stadium problems in part and the Roughriders as the top but I don't know what the Riders are worth these days but with a new stadium on the horizon, quite a bit. Did I hear the figure in the $70 mill range I read somewhere maybe? Seems high to me, maybe the $40 mill range more likley.

I'm sure those figures are correct when you consider any new team coming on board in the CFL must show a minimum five year community commitment to an expansion team and City and a minimum of $10 million per year plus provide a CFL regulation size field and stadium to host games. Even for a new team it's big commitment but certainly resonable compared to other leagues like the NFL. I hope David Braley gets what he asking for and he should in BC, and I'm sure Toronto would be a steal at a lesser price for MLSE.

Provided you have the facilities a CFL franchise in Toronto for 10 million or less is a steal, no question.

If Braley can get 40 million for the Lions he might use it to help build the Argos and Canada a proper facility for the oldest team in North America to play and train . Maybe a facility for amateur football championships across GTA and Canada etc etc.. I can't see him selling out to MLSE unless 50 percent profits of the NFL team forever go directly to the CFL . Without this the CFL is dead as we know it today . I can see the NFl agreeing to those terms if someone rich enough in Canada is willing to take on the anchor of the CFl around their heads forever .