Braley - "Lions For sale" NOT!

Globe & Mail report says they are for sale ....

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Comments on G&M "for sale story":


Yesterday June 15)Braley talked on the season opener and ‘Gades/expansion concerns and the interview originated on Team 1040, the Lion’s

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The prior day (June 14) Braley did one of his “insider? interviews with CKNW/Corus/Mojo’s Rick Dhaliwal (this guy has consistently had Braley scoops – and could very likely be the “leaker? of almost all Braley stuff ….and maybe more). In this (2 days ago) interview, Braley again talked …. sale of the Lions …

Braley described himself as the franchise caretaker [this is a Bob Young concept] and hoped any new owner would be the same … Braley has often had interest in people buying the Lions …. 5 from the US and two locals (this is new info!)

…. Franchise value is going up …. “ain’t that nice? … “I will recover all my losses, if I sell today … might even make a little money … no discussions are ongoing today?

[David sounded very NICE …Dhaliwal did NOT ask about Tom Wright .... LOL!]

Braley selling the Lions .... would be fantastic .... unfortunately this is extreme .... wishful thinking

How so?

He's owned them for ten years. The team is in best shape it's best in since he owned it and a lot longer.

He lives in Burlington and has lost millions on team overall.

Maybe everything plus the fact that he may not like way things are going in CFL has him thinking it's time to get out.

so he has the intention to sell the team?

Who knows?

I just love the timing of all this --- right after BOG meetings and on eve of season.

Hey never mind talking about the kickoff to the season.

Who knows if it's true or whether this came out on purpose?

Not like an off-field CFL story was ever put out there to take attention away from on-field stuff.

15 million dollars for the team? That's it? That is peanuts

does that mean your buying, AB?

does that mean you think he should sell the team for more? AB?