Braley gives Wally the Infamous vote of Confidence.

CKNW Reported on the noon Sports, that Wally's job was safe and all those calling for his firing were wrong. They interviewed David Braley and he told Rick Dhaliwahl that he was happy with all the coaches and was not pushing any panic buttons.

So does that mean he'll be fired soon?

I've been yellin for Mr. Predictable's (Chapdelaine) head, some others have asked for a complete house cleaning. So the radio station cornered up Braley to ask him.

Since Braley has got his wish with Tom Wright , he is now turning his attention to his football team , which is bad news for the Lions and their fans.

...if Wally gets canned....who would take over as coach....Ritchie....i don't think so ....its not a good idea to dump a coach this early... (we still don't know how the Ham. situation will play out)Wallys been able to turn things around pretty quick....the media must be getting a little restless on the coast Sport....and until the natives do....i'm sure Wally will be around for awhile yet.. :wink:...p.s....i'm glad .' mr. predictable' is on your team though...and not ours... :lol:

No, they wont fire Wally....That story is being flamed by the media.

Its Chapdelaine that must go!