Braley gives 5 millions $ to McMaster University

Regarding Mr. Braley's name being used on the athletic complex
that he donated $5 million dollars for.

Apparently , Mc Master made the decision to call it the Braley Athletic Complex.

Here is an excerpt from the Hamilton Spectator article.

Braley's donation was finalized a few weeks ago
in Orlick's offices on Parkdale Avenue North,

when the businessman -- also owner of the CFL's B.C. Lions --declared

he was giving the school the money because of his faith in Quigley.

Braley and Quigley had developed a strong professional bond
during their work together on the board of directors
for the 2003 World Cycling Championships in Hamilton.

"She's been an outstanding person in getting McMaster
to the place it is in recreation and athletics," Braley said.

He said that naming the centre after him was the university's idea,
and that the name is not important to him.

Here is the whole Hamilton Spectator article.

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I'd like to see Braley as the CFL commish. His comments are dead on:

"The Grey Cup is Canada's national championship," Braley said from the podium. "Nobody can tell me the Stanley Cup is the same with only six teams from Canada and the rest from the United States."

His words created the first of the evening's six standing ovations. In order, the found-ins jumped to their feet to acknowledge Ackles, Willie Fleming, Fieldgate, Joe Kapp and the darling Dal Richards, who led the audience in song to something called Roar You Lions Roar."

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While i don’t like to see people’s names go up on things either, unfortunately it is common practise in our society . I agree with you blackdale but just about all the names you see on buildings got the name the same way so no point on singling Braley out for this . Out where I live even the Mayor names a street after himself. :roll: And the only thing he did to deserve it was , collect a FAT paycheck for nothing , for alot of years at taxpayer expense.

[quote="Earl"]I'd like to see Braley as the CFL commish.
I would rather see Tom Wright as CFL commissioner, or at least someone who sees the importance of a salary cap and a drug policy.

people people... breathe deeply. i have nothing against anyone for donating money to this cause or any oher worthwhile cause. all i was saying is that i have a problem with the common (i am aware that it happens all the time) practice of name the building after those who donated the money. If in this case Braley wanted his name on it (which according to some he did not-fine) then i think he is egotistical or just never put much thought into it. If the university decided to name it after him they never put much thought into it or it is a recognized approach to generating increased donations by padding the egos of those making the donations.(i am quite certain that this is what happened in this case and most similar cases). i would prefer if they either came up with someone that both the university and braley wanted to honour and recognize and name it after that individual. i realize many people disagree and that is fine but the reasoning of 'it happens all the time' is an absolutely pathetic reason to continue to do it. as for the gates situation... it is slightly different. he named a foundation after himself to which he donated huge amounts of money towards the aids crisis. but by naming it after himself he made a foundation that people would remember and contribute to. there may be a value to adding his name if it gets more people to get involved. it works like using any celebrity to sell your crap. it works. but having said all this, these donations are still very valuable and it is a great thing to have people making them. all of us should be making them while admittedly much smaller when the avg person doesn't have millions of dollars of discretionary income on an annual basis. a wise person told me that if you only are willing to give an amount that you don't notice is gone... you are not giving nearly enough. i think there is truth in that no matter how much you have.

Third - For a thousand bucks I'll put a sign outside that designates my house as "Third and Ten Village" or pretty well whatever you want. You just let me know when you're ready.

blackdale - I don't think David Braley is quite so rich as to "not notice" 5 million dollars missing from his bank account. I can't presume to know how much Mr. Braley makes, but I do know it's less than 100 million per year. That means he's giving up more than 5% of his yearly income (probably much more than 5) to charity. Might seem like a small number, but if someone took 5% of your yearly income out of your account, don't you think you would notice? Depending how much you make, that's probably around 2000-4000$.

Hehehe... if I was rich I could force myself into a lot of your houses !

Would you settle for a 1000$'s worth of friendship?

In Montreal, there's a Claude-Mouton street. This must be the only street in the world named after a hockey club announcer (Mouton was the Forum's announcer in Habs games for about 30 years).

i am not belittling his donation. it is a great example, as are many others. that is not the point. i was merely taking issue with the common pratise of naming things after the donars but people are assuming i am attacking his donation. the point of the 'give to you notice' was not for braley or gates or anyone who does so... it is for the vast majority of Canadians who are obscenely wealthy when compared with the majority of the world and give precious little. so everyone i applaud his donation, but simply dislike the practise of naming the building after him.

so if this guy had money to donate to a university that steals money away from student, why couldnt he use that money to re-sign pritners to a contract for 200k? or use the money to charity?