Braley gives 5 millions $ to McMaster University

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Braley gives $5-million to McMaster sports centre
Associated Press

Hamilton — Hamilton businessman and B.C. Lions owner David Braley donated $5 million to McMaster University's athletics centre Wednesday.

The sports complex, set to open in September, will be known as the David Braley Athletics Centre. Braley attended McMaster and played on the Marauders' football and basketball teams.

"We are tremendously lucky to have someone like David Braley step up to the plate and support university athletics in such a generous way," McMaster president Peter George said in a statement.

"He understands the value of sports and fitness, and his donation is really a donation to the physical prosperity and well-being of our students."

Braley said he wished to provide facilities that would enable the university to recruit the best student-athletes.

"I know how important an attractive and serious training environment is for student-athletes," said Braley. "It inspires students, it motivates them, it helps them feel valued. And it ultimately helps them succeed in the classroom and in the working world."

We are lucky to have such dedicated people involved in the CFL.

Braley sure loves football a lot. Thumbs up to him. I hope others follow his steps.

Fantastic stuff and I hope other universities get donations to upgrade their athletic facilities, great for not just varsity athletes but intramural and recreational programs as well.

Class, class act.

Actually, when it gets down it, being in Hamilton and growing up in London and going to Western, with Western now having coach Marshall there and him being head coach next year, the McMaster/Western rivalry might just be better than the Cats/Argos one with our Cats stinkers, who knows.

i assume most will disagree with me here. while i think it is nice that he has donated this money i find it a little egotistical when they require their own name on it. I mean sure honour someone great with a name sure but to put your own name on it??? pretty cheesy in my books.

It is really common accepted practise to put their name on it! I hear what you are saying...but Really, non of us has much of a chance of ever donating that much money for a new building!

Hey, it needs a name be it!

Nice many trips around the world or luxury sports cars could that much money buy?

Nice of him to share it! :thup:

Well, I hear what you are saying blackdale, here in Hamilton when someone gave some $5 mill for the cancer centre, it is now called the Juravinski Cancer Centre. Doesn't bother me but it does sort of smack, some have said, like an arena or stadium and not sure appropriate for a health care facility. But for athletics, well, I don't know, I think it's ok.

Is there any info as to what exactly the athletic centre will be? Also, how will the football program directly benefit? I thought they were already building a new football stadium there.

EVM, you can check out some info at:

Yes, there will be a new football stadium, ready next year I believe, that will hold 6,000 expandable with temp seats to 12,000. Ron Joyce of Tim Horton's donated $10 mill for the stadium.

i have no issue with assigning someones name to it but why not name it after his father or someone he admires and thinks deserves to be remembered. someone who has made a truly substantial difference in the world. if he thinks he deserves accolades more than anyone else he is pompus. i think he just thinks that he gave the money so he should get the recognition and hasn't thought of the idea of naming it after someone else that may not have the financial resources he has ut has contributed more to society. not suggesting he name it after me here. reminds me of something trump would do.

But, he who has money has power, or so they say! Man I wish I had some friggin money. :expressionless:

so you could name a building after yourself????

I personally don't think I could but then if I gave millions to an organization and they offered to have it named after myself, well, not sure I would necessarily refuse.

Blackdale, if I'd offer you 1000$ to name your living room after me, would you refuse the money, or would you take the check and say "Thank you sir, I can't wait to drink a thousand buck's worth of beer in Third_And_Ten's lounge."

i'll even put up a plaque for you. i am not blaming the school for taking the money. just think braley is lame for naming it after himself. you sending a cheque or do you prefer direct deposit?

I'll send you 1000$ worth of Alouettes gear.

i could slip that on white when taman signs him and return to sender

Blackdale, just to recap - you are attacking a guy who just donated $5 million. That's five million dollars. Of his own money.

(At any university I've seen, all the buildings are named after someone. It's accepted practice.)

And hey, what about that Gates joker? Half a billion dollars for AIDS. Must be an egotistical jerk.

He should give the 5 million dollars to me!