Braley as Possible Commissioner? I'm not thrilled...

McCowan on Fan 590 floated a rumor about David Braley for Commish.

What d'ya think? On one hand he seems generous but on the other an authoritarian who believes in 'my way or the highway.'

His businesses are successful; on the other hand it seems like it's been his interference which has led to 5 commissioners in 10 years.

He reminds me of Bud Selig- now commish of Baseball.

Who cares about any rumour Macowan throws out there. I'll only believe it until Macmahon confirms it.

I'll try to us better sources next time. :smiley:

McCown didn't really float idea. His co-host David Shoalts asked him if he thought Braley w/b next commish. McCown said he probably wants to be. Braley was supposed to have guest on the show but he cancelled.

McCown wants Glen Grunwald to be considered.

Thanks for the extra info. I was making supper and heard it with half an ear... almost dropped the knife.

Didn't hear the Grunwald bit and I'm glad... or I would have dropped the knife. Maybe 'Hafa' Araujo could play for the 'Cats?

Rob Babcock was to blame for picking Araujo not Glen Grunwald, Mark.

Braley sounds good to me. Like his comments:

"The Grey Cup is Canada's national championship," Braley said from the podium. "Nobody can tell me the Stanley Cup is the same with only six teams from Canada and the rest from the United States."

His words created the first of the evening's six standing ovations. In order, the found-ins jumped to their feet to acknowledge Ackles, Willie Fleming, Fieldgate, Joe Kapp and the darling Dal Richards, who led the audience in song to something called Roar You Lions Roar."

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