braley and young swap teams?

Not that this is likely to happen, but would young trading the cats to braley for the argos or lions be an option?

Braley could then figure out a way to make the WH stadium work for the cats.

The man that claims to be a fan of no one team plays the crazy card.


Although your idea is a bit outlandish, Braley may be able to convince Bob to hang around and keep our team alive.

The west loves the CFL because they have nothing else. Around here we have lots of other venues to spend our hard earned money on. We like a quality product and as for sports teams we like winners. ok cept for the leafs, If Bob takes the Ticats elsewhere so be it. We will find other stuff to do

So be it ?? We is that the royal we. Please speak for yourself.

You dismiss the thought as crazy but don't give any input as to why.

Braley loves the ticats and was on the pan-am committee from the start, so braley owning the cats and fixing this mess would be a natural fit....

Unfortunately, he already owns 2 teams.

So why not trade young the cats for the lions, who host the 2011 grey cup, so young makes money right away, and braleys argos host the grey cup 2012, so braley makes money while he works to fix the cats in Hamilton.

So crazy, it just might, will it actually happen is another thing all together!

Not nearly as far fetched as you may think!

Braley is actively looking to sell the Lions - that is no secret - he spoke of it in a recent interview.

He and Bob can swap the Argos and Cats and "negotiate" the Grey Cup dollars.

Now let's stop talking about it - erase all these posts - so they can think it was their idea!!!!!!!!!!

50% of Hamilton hates Bob young now. So if Bob young became owner of the argos, that just pours gasoline on that rivalry!

hamilton spelled BEDROOM COMMUNITY.. a hockey team that doesnt draw, a football team leaving.. an NFL team housed in the hindpost of New York State..

we dont even have the stoney creek dairy to go to... ya we have other stuff to do... like work and spend our money in tarana..

the town is dead... let the strip club King run city council - this is a lost cause


which 50 percent of hamilton spelled calgary and edmonton do you come from?


What do you get when you combine a suburb of Toronto with a suburb of Buffalo? You guessed it, a Hamilton. :wink:

The problem is Bob Young isn't interested in football and only got involved to save Hamilton from losing their storied franchise. He came into this to save the Tiger-Cats, I dont see anyway in hell that he would trade for the BC Lions as its not in his best interest to do so. I only see three options, he sells the team, goes bankrupt, or moves the team to city/location of his desire. However, option C means he is no longer doing what he set out to do and that is saving the 'Hamilton' Tiger-Cats since they would then cease to be in Hamilton. Realistically I see him doing either option A or B, and if C must happen he'll likely sell his stake to someone else who would them move the team.

Of course there's always option D, and the city comes to their senses and builds a stadium in an appropriate location :slight_smile: But I don't expect that to happen.

The Ti Cats can be successfull at any location in Hamilton!!
Put a winning team on the field!!! Accent Local Talent !!!
Until they do they will lose money no matter where they play in S.O.

I pick this idea please !!! A better town down location west end along 403 please, I have called email and snail mailed letters to the city suggesting we but the brakes on and pick a better DOWN TOWN site.

Then I realized I was just like the TiCats, because I got NO response :expressionless:

Ok, well braley has said he has someone interested in buying the lions…maybe he needs to sell the lions to whomever this person is, then buy the cats and keep them in Hamilton at the WH stadium!

Something must be done to keep the cats in Hamilton!

I want the Cats to stay in Hamilton but I don't need the Cats to stay in Hamilton especially if it's not in the best interests of an owner of the team or the CFL as a whole, all depending on the situation and where the team will play.

Poppycock! If that were true, they could make money at Ivor Wynne, something that no owner has been able to do consistently, if at all, since the early 1970s when upgrades were made to Ivor Wynne to bring it more or less to its current state. And that includes times when Hamilton made it to the Grey Cup years and a row, and even won it. They went to the Grey Cup 5 times in the 80s! On average, that's every other year. Yet Ballard claims to have lost a million a year. If he couldn't make money during the best decade at since the rebuild of Ivor Wynne, then it's hard to see how a good on-field product alone is going to make the team profitable.

A winning team is only part of the solution. If they want to make money, they also need the right business arrangement. If they can't get that, then there is no reason to pour money into the stadium or the team, nor is there any obligation for anyone to do so, just like there is no obligation for the city to allow for a business arrangement that works for the team.

This is a dumb statement all together.

Braley and Young are friends. I doubt Braley isn't siding with Bob Young at this time.

Unfortunately only band wagon fans show up for 'winning' teams. You might get a small % who come because they're winning and stay because they genuinely like the product once a team falters. But no team or atleast very few teams can always put great products on the field (unless your name is Montreal). But we'll see what happens once Calvillo retires and half his receiving core go with him :stuck_out_tongue:

Having a successful team is a long term achievement, they need to go after the kids, and get them to force their parents to goto games. My dad wasn't a CFL fan growing up, the only way I went was to ask to go. Now that I'm grown up I force my daughter/family to go :slight_smile: