Braley and Wetenhall vs Wright...

Looks like the commish's goose is cooked.

Is it just me, or does it seem like Braley wants to run the CFL as his personal fiefdom?

I use to defend Wright but I'm not so sure anymore. Reads like all these people deserve each other.Think about it.

Lysko,Wright,,Campbell,Braley,Wettenhaul,Shivers,Mattews,Pinner,Cynabun Man,Taman....

CFL : Circus Fookin Le Soleil

I left out "The computer salesman"

I think their making a mistake, but time will tell. Personally I think he's been the best commissioner since Jake Gaudaur.(Of course they haven't had any good commissioners since Jake Gaudaur)

Yes ruff, he's been fantastic, love the way he got the Glieberguys back in to do that super job they've been doing in Ottawa. Great stuff.

Yeah, that was a disaster. Sadly, It appears that nobody else wanted to own the Renegades. I'm a huge Ti-cat fan, but i live in Ottawa and I will miss going to the games here.
Hopefully they will return next year with owners with a "PLAN".

Nice guy and that but if I allowed owners the the Gliebs in like he did, a mistake like this would have cost me my job a long time ago. He's lucky he still has the job IMO.


PostPosted: Jun 09, 2006 - 03:40 AM
Yes ruff, he's been fantastic, love the way he got the Glieberguys back in to do that super job they've been doing in Ottawa

The Gliebs were a mistake, but nobody was lining up to buy the team from the previous owners. Don't forget the board approved that deal. I try to balance the positives with the negatives.The league has really moved forward under his tenure and I think he deserves a lot of credit for that. Given the chance, I think he'd fix Ottawa and move forward with some intelligent expansion but it doesn't look like he'll get the opportunity. Too bad.

Really, do you really care all that much? He is very well off financially I'm sure and doesn't need the CFL income at this point in his life I don't think. I'm not going to worry about TW and how he is going to make out post CFL commissioner, that's for sure. He doesn't need my sympathy votes.

Reginald Bibby, a professor of sociology at the University of Lethbridge, conducted the survey that was completed in November 2005. It showed 30 per cent of Canadians follow the NHL - unchanged from 2000 but a drop from just under 40 per cent in the 1990s. Interest in professional football, however, was at 24 per cent, an increase of four per cent over the past five years.

Isn't it about 5 years since Tom Wright became commissioner.Coincidence?
I doubt it.

You do make a point ruff but this is oversimplfying the entire CFL situation. A huge factor, whether we like to admit it or not, is the Toronto situation where the Blue Jays ruled the summers here in southern Ontario in th early, mid and close to late 90's - new stadium, huge crowds, two World Series Championships, hell, everyone and their mother from Windsor to Kingston to North Bay were coming to Toronto to witness this "phenomena". Well, this "phenomena" is not that much of one any more, the stadium is no longer state of the art, it doesn't look like the newer retro stadiums any more, people are realizing that they can have a good time supporting their own local leagues and teams in nice new buildings ie. London Knights sold out every game in the John Labatt Centre ie. Tiger-Cats almost selling out every game at IWS, a great stadium that just needed a Bob Young presence with a new 2 mill dollar video board etc. the Blue Jays not winning as much, people realizing the traffic in Toronto is crazy not worth the drive and the fact that baseball, after the glitter and gold of a sold-out stadium, is really a slow and boring sport often played by a pitcher and a catcher.
I like Tom Wright as a person but the CFL and football in Canada takes a lot more to be analyzed for what is going on that just a commissioner at the helm. Toronto, even though we don't like to admit it, has a big influence on what happens with the CFL in southern Ontario. Yes, the Ottawa fans didn't seem to care about the resurgence of Toronto and Hamilton, they let the Gades go because someone or people let the Gleiberboobs back in. Someone needs to be accountable for this.

I'm tired of everybody trying to hang Wright by the Gliebermans. The BOG approve it and then they want to string him up for their decision. Without there approval it wouldn't have happened. Obviously the current successes of the CFL aren't only because of Wright, but good things are happening with him as commish. I've read that there are 10 groups interested in Ottawa.Try to imagine that happening 6-7 years ago.
PS Earl, your opinions about Baseball
(slow and boring) are totally irrelevent.

I have nothing against Tom Wright but with all the negative press and leaked stories it would be difficult for him to carry on...if it were me I think I'd strike a severance deal and leave now. But I would like to hear the BOG side of the story why they didn't think he was up to the job. It can't be all over the salary cap.
BTW I think Duane Forde should be considered if and when a new commiss is hired.

Love Duane, a Western grad so he is no. 1 in my books. But as commissioner? I don't think he has the business connections for this to be honest.

The conspiratoras among BOG make damn sure that Wright is left hung out to dry when it suits them.

Wright did not go looking for Gliebs. Gliebs came to League and they were only interested owners to take over from leftovers of Watters group.

I have maintained that the chances of Ottawa returning for 07 were a lot better with Wright as commish than without.

After all, he said on Ottawa radio that he w/b setting parameters for new owners just after BOG meeting.

You think if Braley, Wetenhall and whoever else is involved get their way in bouncing Wright, that finding new onwers for Ottawa w/b anywhere close to a priority.

They'll conduct their search for a true puppet who has Braley and Wetenhall's blessing. Then the inmates w/b running the asylum.

On the business end Tom Wright has done some good things. He's got an increased TV contract, solid franchises in Hamilton and Toronto and has increased the exposure of the CFL across North America. However, I think the BOG feels that he can't be trusted.

All of the "leaked stories" that came out should never have happened. This had a number of the owners, including Bob Young rather upset.

I thinking that the owners don't have absolute trust in him and in business losing the trust of your peers overshadows all the good that he has done.

I believe there are more underlying problems than we are aware of. Tom Wright has made some good business decisions but it appears he has made some very poor ones behind closed doors

You can add the caretaker to that list. In an interview on the FAN last evening his silence in supporting Wright was deafening.

Well, there are certain governors who don't want him renewed past November and would vote that way Tuesday if it comes to that. But I severely doubt they have enough votes to turf him right now.

Yesterday, Rick Matsumoto of Tor Star had article cited another "source close to the BOG" saying that while those against Wright have enough votes not to extend his contract. However, the source also claims that there would not be three voting in favour of turfing him immediately. 6 of 8 is needed to extend or the reverse if a motion to dump him is put forth. That "source" also claimed Wright has no intention of resigning should that subject be brought up.

Well, in 48 hrs or so, we'll know more --- hopefully.

I thought the timing of this whole story was bizarre but almost typical.

On the eve of a new season, when enthusiasm is at a high point, the story comes out that the BOG have decided to let the commish go but hope he will stay for the rest of the season.

I wasn't paying that much attention - was that story leaked, or did the BOG think it was a feel-good story to kick the season off right?

They'll conduct their search for a true puppet who has Braley and Wetenhall's blessing.
Everyone likes to compliment the progress Toronto and Hamilton have made in recent years. Yet there literally would not be a CFL for us to play in but for the ongoing marketing success of the B.C. and Montreal clubs.

And those clubs were both failures before Braley and Wetenhall invested time and money into turning them around. In particular Quebec is now one of our strongest markets. But it had been unable to support a team for ten years before Wetenhall moved the old Baltimore team from the failed US experiment to Montreal.

Don't let the press demonize anyone at the BoG. We are all trying hard to make it work, but we are human. If we fail it will be a collaborative failure.

Cheers, Bob.