Brakenridge Fined

Just wondering peoples thoughts on this announcement? My personal opinion is that if that's the standard the league wants... fine... however, I have 2 questions:

First question would be why offensive players can lower their head and spear defensive players... surely if the outcome the league wants is less concussions then this would make logical sense. If that were the case, Kackert should be fined as well?

Second question would be the helmet-to-helmet hit on Geroy in the same game... why no fine on that play... it was at least as "vicious" as the Brackenridge tackle on Kackert?


for the hit on Simon...unfortunately most leagues are reactive...they don't do much unless there is an injury. The NHL has been progressive on this the last season or 2. Football is not there yet

For the Brakenridge hit, I think the NFL has it right...he lead with his crown, so why would the Defensive player be fined? What is he to do, not got for a tackle because all he can get at is the head as a first point of contact? Perhaps he should have went for his kneecaps, the only other place that was really open for the hit.

Personally, I don't agree with the fine, but I know there will be lots on both sides of the fence on this one. It was an unfortunate injury, but I didn't feel there was malice, and I felt Kackert had as much fault in this as Brak.

Ironically, the NFL has put in new rules to attempt to mitigate some of the head injuries, and is now worried about the lower leg injuries piling up for this very reason.

That, unfortunately, is a kneejerk reaction. Concussion injuries are longterm/chronic injuries that accumulate over time. That's really the whole point of eliminating these type of hits, not to assuage a team because their player got a helmet to helmet hit and went down with an injury. The hit to Simon (or anyone else) should be treated just as seriously as the injury is still sustained but won't show up until he's in his 60's or later.

My take on all this is Brack had a helmet to helmet hit, the opp player got hurt, he got fined, regardless of how it all went down, yet last week, I watched Geroy get leveled by a helmet hit and it was a hard hit, yet nothing called. That's not right, The Riders fill seats no matter where we play, we are the heart beat of this league, yet I feel we get no respect at almost any level, from TSN to CFL, that's JMO but it sure seems that way. Like I said in another post, last week being my first ever live game, our guys just looked at the ball and we got penalties. I feel bad for Brack as I don't think he ever means to hurt another player, he just plays hard!!

If the league's ultimate goal is to reduce the number of concussions and head injuries I'm all for it. However, if the criteria for fining and/or suspending a player is based on another player being injured, they will NEVER succeed. No program is ever successful if it's based on reactive, post event decisions. Secondly, if the rules are not applied in a consistent manner the players won't respect or abide by those rules. Sorry to say but the league will not effectively reduce the number or severity of concussions and head injuries or protect the players when the rules are not applied consistently in all cases.

Just caught the Brackenridge interview this morning and Tyron is devastated by the fine... it appears more from a reputation standpoint but as he states, it's also food off his families table. This makes the Leagues decision to fine him based on what appears to be because Kackert, who is the one that lowered his head, was injured on the play even worse. I feel terrible for Tyron... if someone starts a fund to pay the fine, I'm at the front of the line! Shame on the league for making knee-jerk decisions based that are not based on the facts of the situation!

Kackert tweeted Brack that he would help him in the appeal. Very classy of Chad as well as somewhat prooves racks innocence

Wow...pretty classy move, and what a slap in the face of the CFL...pretty clear that even Kackert agrees with mine (and it seems most others) opinion on this one!


Over on the home of the rider fans forum Bracks brother sent Brakenridge a short video of the hit on a given angle, also was sent in along with the appeal. Good stuff from Chad, would be cool to see it overturned.

WOW... totally impressed by Kackert... professional, and classy move by an equally classy player who plays hard all the time. I hate to see anyone injured but in a game with the speed and size of these players in this day and age, accidents are going to happen. Kackert was only doing what he has been taught from a very early age as was Brakenridge... Kacket made a move, Brakenridge reacted and unfortunately it ended in their helmets glancing off of each others. The injured player could just have easily been Brackenridge... or both and I think Kackert knows that... my guess is that's why he's supporting Brakenridge in his appear. It also shows how bad the off-field officiating has become... Higgins... FIX THIS... STOP THE KNEE-JERK REACTION INSANITY!!!

To Kackert... good on you!!!

What does Higgins have to do with any of this?
What does off field officiating have to do with any of this?

The league almost seems to be trying to shoot itself in the foot with something every week this year.

The CFL is turning into a joke. If you are going to fine somebody its because they broke a league policy. Under nowhere in the CFL rule book was that hit illegal.

Watch the Edmo/Wpg game tonight and see how many helmet to helmet hits there are…let's see how many fines the league hands out :expressionless: