Brain Disease results in on 2 deceased CFL players

Testing shows former CFLers had brain disease CTE

CTV Staff

Date: Tuesday Jul. 26, 2011 12:42 PM ET

Two deceased CFL players who donated their brains to science both suffered from the brain disease known as chronic traumatic encephalopathy, or CTE, new test results reveal.

The brains of former Toronto Argonaut and Hamilton Tiger-Cat Bobby Kuntz, and former Ottawa Rough Rider Jay Roberts, both showed signs of CTE.

Both had donated their brains to the Canadian Sports Concussion Project, which is part of the Krembil Neuroscience Centre at Toronto Western Hospital. The centre released the results of the testing on Tuesday.

Kuntz and Roberts both suffered repeated concussions during their football careers.


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Isn't this the same centre where Matt Dunigan has donated his brain for concussion research?

Nothin' lime the real thing, as the saying goes. I know of a surgeon, sure there are others, who "practice" on cadavers so they are more skilled when performing surgery for real, and they do this on their own time.

I know it’s not a humorous topic, but your post still made me chuckle.

All in good time, as I’m sure Matt would agree.

Sorry everyone. I should have added that this donation would be in the future when he passes away.

You caught me ExPat. Next time I will think BEFORE I type!!!

It’s the HELMETS that makes players confident and careless - Did anyone see that hit on Lemon the other night, the Bomber player hit him with his head - helmet to helmet. Players are using their helmets as weapons. They are developing more hitech helmets which allow the players more flexibility and the feeling of I can fly through the air and hit someone with this helmet. The things are flying off heads this year like crazy.
I say take away the helmets use your skills in your arms hands and shoulders forget your head. I know it sounds silly but a player without a helmet would not be leading with his head on a tackle. The QBs wouldn’t be thrown to the ground like rag dolls. Hey let’s be the league that mandates no helmets, we could see the players and brag about our league how about a log “we play with no helmets because out balls are bigger”
It would be going back to our roots.