Brailey on CKNW

Brailey was on CKNW today and talked about attendance and ownership.

He said attendance this year was 31k + change; next year the target is 35k; 2008 is 38k; and then 40k. He seemed to be quite serious about these numbers... I hope this happens. That would be great to see the Lions average 40k again.

He said he's healthy and will stay with the team unless there is strong interest from local ownership. Basically, he has no plans to sell unless the right offer comes along.

I think Braley is going to pull a Bud Selig and become CFl commisoner.

The rumour was Bobby Ackle as Commisioner!

And if the Canucks keep playing badly, we'll pick up some "Fair Weather" fans to add to the totals.

I think they have a good shot at pushing the season ticket total to 25,000 for ’07.

Not only are they coming off a championship season but the upper deck has been re-priced and now has more affordable silver sections and better located gold sections.
Now you can sit in the first row of the upper deck on the 20-yard-line for just $20 per game or 7 rows up at the 55-yard-line for $35 a game.
Great deals!

and also i do not wish it on them because i am a ig canuck fan but if they do not have a very good season this year that will get a lot of more people on the band wagon,But if they do well and i hope they do,like get to the playoffs and maybe even win a round, then the lions will probebly get around 23,000-25,000 season tickets, it is funny in this city how people will get on one band wagon team and stay there.If the canucks went to the stanly cup final that would realy hurt the lions( only get maybe about a thousand more season ticket holders) big time because that would send a message again that the canucks are the only team in town.I hope not , i would like to see the vancouver and bc sports fan support both teams equialy, but i hate to say that people will only go to lions games if there is realy nothing elese to do in this town, it is sometimes left as a last resort.