Brailey an owner and a Senator

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Thought this was pretty funny. :lol:

I don't really see the humour, other than the ignorance of some comments there...calling the PM a liar because the other parties, which have the majority of votes in Parliament, have blocked his attempts to bring in an elected Senate.

I didn't read any of the comments, just the article. I thought it was kind of funny because he owns two teams, and now he's a senator. What's he gonna take on next? :smiley:

Good for him, I didn't realize he was known that much in political circles. Wow. :thup:

...I didn't even know he could play hockey...

.....Mr. Brailey....seeing as you can now get the ear of govt. directly.....could you please straighten out that mess in the hammer with regard to their stadium....failing to do this may end-up being the owner of a third CFL franchise :wink:....

Funny, haha, or funny, strange? Anyone else want to be a senator?

Is there anything this guy can't do. Owns the Argos, the Lions and next ... the Senate. Keep going Mr. Brailey, Prime Minister is within reach.

I think Governor General is up for grabs soon :lol:

When I saw this subject heading I thought, “Really?? Are the Ottawa Senators that desperate for scoring?” :lol: