i know we drafted him Num 1 but i dont know much about him. is he a elite starter for us this year or will it take him a few years to get er going....if anyone knows anything about him it would be great to hear it :slight_smile:

I saw the man play a few games in person while he was at Washington State University and a number of games on TV. He is a bull, feel no pain type of player. He comes to play every game. There is a reason he did not redshirt while at WSU and that was because he was too good of a talent to sit on the bench. He was too small for the NFL but if he was 20 ibs heavier he may have got a shot. Wish he was a Lion.

Thanks for the info I heard he was close to making the NFL.

Im sure third & ten can play him on his xbox and give you an accurate assessment of the kids talent…:slight_smile:

:) Yeah, I'll try that Piggy. There's nothing like trying out a guy in Madden to know what he's really worth. Few people know this, but that's how Jim Popp finds good players.