Brady to have surgury.

nothing personal, Sporty, you bring alot of good stuff, but why this? has nothing to do with the CFL.

If his surgery is anything like mine....He will never be the same!!

well, he does have three SB under his belt, it's not like he hasn't been successful and has a multi million $$$ stuff.

wish him all the best. even though I don't like him.

guess Doug will have a shot at the top position.

A buddy at work, had that operation a few years ago, geo365 he also stated the same thing your saying.
May be it's all about the qaulity of the operation, me thinks Brady will have the finest surgeons in the States.

Unfortunately, being a celebrity won't help him. For surgeons this surgey can be done blind folded. It's the location of the surgery that's the problem. There are nerves down there that get criss-crossed after they've been sliced up and when you least expect it...out of the matter where you have the sickening sensation of a Noel Prefontaine field goal right in the ol plums!!!

.....betcha that feels like a million bucks.....

I'd PAY a million bucks to have it GO AWAY! :cry: