Brady Infects Alouette's Offence With Ti-Cat Disease?

Comments during the Als/Argos game today by the broadcast crew that when Brady was in the game for the Als he didn't throw downfield but instead kept throwing wideouts!

We can only hope that Calvillo picks up the bug. :slight_smile:

I listened to the Als-Argos game today on CJAD, Mark. In one word, brutal.

Bishop was busy arm-punting deep into double coverage too, so pick your poison! LOL

Marcel Bellefeuille is the new OC of the Als and that system sounds a lot like what he ran under Danny Barrett in Saskatchewan. I am not certain that Calvillo will be lighting things up as much under that rubric than he has done in years past. I expect the Als will run more under Bellefeuille/Cavillo than what we saw with Kevin Strasser in recent seasons.

People commented on the lack of sharpness in the Black and Gold scrimmage: the Toronto affair today (mainly with rookies and backups squaring off) wasn't back to write home about, either.

Oski Wee Wee,

Ticat Disease?? some of the symptoms are talking about bar hopping in the fourth quarter and partying after a loss! :lol:

I was at the Argo/Al's game and I have to say the one to watch only based on this game is the Argo's QB McMahon. For a guy who says he's just learning the game, he's a quick learner. He had poise in the pocket, through very well to covered receivers and generally impressed everyone.

Tony Dorset Jr. showed great speed, missing a tackle and then getting up and catching the guy he missed.

FYI, while I bleed black and gold, I love my CFL ball and as a result I'm a dual season ticket holder with my Cats and the Argo's. I get to see all the Ticat homegames and scout the teams we are playing at Argo

Actually my wife is an Argo/CFL fan so we enjoy the best of both worlds.

Apologies accepted, Jare.

Could this be the same McMahon that drove us crazy on this site last year?

Brady is infecting the Als with Brady. Wonder if anyone there has hailed him as "the future"?

Brady certainly was not impressive in this year's first CFL pre-season game. Click here and you'll see stats from that game. Brady went 6-15 for 50 yards and threw an interception. Montreal might be looking to pick up one of the five quarterbacks we have here on the roster.

Maybe not, but it still might be enjoyable seeing the Ticats sack a player who has that name, and especially that name is on the back of a blue team jersey. :slight_smile: