Bradley's health

How’s he doing?

Anyone know what’a up with his injury and when he might return?

Should back next week if things go well.

He plays with a lot of heart we sure as hell need that guy...Hurry back Jykine.

What "things"?

What's his injury?

Is it shoulder, concussion, stinger/nerve, neck?

8) I heard that it is a thigh muscle problem !!!

I read somewhere, and I also think it was reported in the game as Bradley having a "stinger." And from what I recall, they don't tend to last longer than a week or two. So I would expect he will be back for the next contest.

But, that is just speculation on my behalf.

  • paul

i really hope he is back next week. our secondary will get picked apart untill he returns.

Yes it a Stinger those are Always week to week.

You are right we need him!.. db`s are in trouble Anthony is going to pick them apart if he gets time to throw

The depth chart shows Tisdale on the same side as Cornelius Anthony, so look for Tisdale to play off of his man and watch for Cornelius to drop off to help him.