Anyone know when Bradley will be back?
Haven't heard much since he was injured, but that was a wile ago...

Bradley has been on the Injured List for 8 games now. The first game he could play, without implications related to the SMS (Salary Management System / aka Salary Cap) would be the Grey Cup game. If activated before that, all of his full salary, which he has received while injured, would count. Generally payments to injured players do not count. Teams are allowed to prematurely activate one player, from the 9-game Injured List, in each half of the season, if they decide "paying that price" is worth the move.

I remember hearing he'd be out 1-4 weeks. I hope he's back for the playoff game because we could really use the help. There's not word on him at all in Drew's injury update on the blog. We could activate him early because we haven't done that yet this year.

Bradley is done for the year as well.

And, while Tisdale and Shivers had several games together, the first four were with the now retired Sandy Beveridge at safety, not Dylan Barker. Additionally, rookie Jason Hinds has been forced into action on the other corner with Jykine Bradley out for the year.

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