Glad we started Bradley...he made some good plays, although some poor tackling cost us some yards.
He needs to wrap up the defender. Good pursuit to come back and make the tackle after he missed the first time.

IMO he should only be playing Saftety. Our DB's are good enough to stick with there recievers and if they get by we need a guy back there saying if your going to go up and catch it your gunna get a lick on you, which is what Bradley did against Bagg, and when he killed Tucker last year.

When he played safety, our defense OWNED. IMO here's who should start in the secondary.
Bo Smith (DB), Laroche Jackson (DB), Chris Thompson (CB), Geoff Tisdale (CB), Jykine Bradley (FS)

The positions are backwards. and who's Laroche Jackson?

Mrs Jackson's son. :wink:

Ohh, alright then. :slight_smile:

8) Yes you're right. He's got all those mentioned players completely out of their normal playing
   positions  !!!    <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: --> 

  Laroche Jackson is a DB that we signed about 2 weeks ago.  He played in the Indoor Football League
  last year.  

  He has never played a game in the CFL !!!!     He is currently on our practice roster  !!!

I certainly hope it was the horrible state of the natural grass that caused him to fall all over the place. I remember someone saying that Gordon needed some new cleats, well it looked like Bradley was running in ballet shoes out there.

I wasn't nearly as impressed with Bradley as I have been in the past. Serious tackling issues. Still has a good nose for the ball though.

I didn't like the move. he might play a great safety but, I like gordon over him at cornerback. Yes he did intercept the ball his first play in, but after that it went all down hill from there. HE cost the team 14 point with the very poor tackling.

Bradley is the best cover corner we have... IMO the other corners are not physical enough(Gordon) or too slow(Smith) to cover those receivers running fly and crossing routes..

I have always liked Bradley and I think he deserves to start again.. He may have a tackling problem(or just an off night in that department due to the real turf) but I recall every DB having tackling problems last night.. But he didn't get burned on a deep route or any route for that matter..

Then we'd have to add another Canadian somewhere.

Why in the world would anyone consider moving a great shutdown HB like Chris Thompson out to the corner?

Not Greg Marshall, I trust.


Danny Mac says it best,all boils down to not playing 60 minutes!