A positive note, not withstanding the team’s second half near comeback, was the play of J. Bradley.
Did you see the lick he put on the rider receiver? Can’t believe he hung on.
He should be starting. Period.

Jykine always brings the wood :thup: . He is a good cover guy with good speed too. If he's not going to start at corner, I propose BRADLEY FOR SAFETY! I know they want to play a Canadian there...but, work out the ratio and get him back there. He's always around the ball and needs to be on the field. Another victim of the ratio I guess :thdn: .

Yes, he's always around the ball and always seems to make plays.
Is his natural position corner or half back?

Jykine is always bin good for us I never understood why he hasn't bin the starter all along. I also like the idea of putting him at saftey he fast and can lay em out. Did anyone notice alot of penalty calls were not made. Also when Nick sett went to make a feild goal as the ball was snapped one single firework went off before he kicked the ball. Kinda fishy, seemed like they were try a throw him off

Yeah, I noticed that. Good thing it was behind him.

Bradley has always been a favourite of mine.

I'd love to see him in a starting role.

JB hits hard to the sorrow of many players in the league. :thup:

8) If your going to start an import at safety, then you are going to have to start a Canadian at one Def.
 tackle spot, or a linebacking spot  !!!

  It's not worth the exchange to do that  !!!

I've always wondered why Bradley doesn't get more playing time. Makes me think the coaches know something I don't about him. He did lay a few killer hits though.

The guy made ONE play and your trying to get rid of the ratio?? :roll: It was a great hit and a great catch . but IMHO both Bradley and Gordon are to short and for the TigerCats to get to G.C level they will have to be replaced Either with a import or nonimport .with more size IMHO

Maybe you can't do it, you're right, because of affirmative action for Canadians, I mean, the ratio. :roll:

Is Matt Kirk a starter? He is Canadian isn't he? If he's not starting he should be. He makes more plays than most of the other d-linemen.

Why does Bradley have to replace Beveridge. Why can't he replace Gordon or Bo Smith?

I'm basing my comment on his 5 years with the club. The thing is he makes plays EVERY time he's on the field, every week. I used this as one example of why the ratio should be abolished. It's not the first time I've said it. It ticks me off when players sit because of their import status. Why do we have two Canadians at Safety? Is that just a coincidence or is it because it was decided before training camp that we would play a Canadian at safety? I think we all know the answer to that. I know every team goes through it but it's a BS rule. I'm not against playing non-imports - as long as they do the job. I think Bradley's aggressive style of play is ideally suited for the Safety position.

Well, Gordon has apparently beaten him out of that spot. Bo Smith appears to be solid. It is rare that he gives up a big play. Our safety position is lacking though. I always see Beveridge in chase mode. He seems to arrive to the plays a second late all the time. I'd like to see all three of those guys on the field (Smith, Gordon and Bradley) with Thompson and Tisdale.

Gordon has earned his spot, but I would put Bradley ahead of Smith.

Funny, I don't hear Bo Smith's name mentioned very much during the game. For a CB, that's a VERY good thing. It means he has great coverage on the WR, and very seldom gets thrown to.

Yes the Ratio affects Both imports and non imprts alike, There are lots of good Canadian Football players who dont even get a look , So to Cry about "affirmative Action" is B.S. why cant Beverage or Barker be moved to C.B ?because its a position set aside for an Import.!! Dont forget that most Imports are undrafted in there own league,s or are cut from the NFL, Many are worth a look but only a few are able to accell in the CFL, without Nonimports the quality of play would drop as well as Attendance, make no mistake Its called the CFL for a reason and not just the rules, IMHO if all CFL teams employed a Canadian QB (not even as a starter ) Attendance would go up and thats the fact Jack!!

Relax with the exclamation marks. It doesn't make your case any more convincing.

However, I agree with you that Canadians are the victims of the ratio as well. Why are certain positions set aside for imports? That is a matter of the ratio as well. I've talked about this before, that Canadian skill position players may never get a shot to start, especially at QB; it has to do with the ratio and the problems it creates if he is injured.

I would appreciate a league where they play the best players they can find, regardless of birth place. It would likely mean a decrease in the number of Canadians in the league, but the really good ones would still get a shot, and wouldn't be held back by the ratio themselves.

You can watch any other football league except our unique brand of football in the CFL to get your desired request.