Is he going to be back for labourday? i just assumed he would be but i saw the depth chart in the spec today and he isnt listed.

Back from where?

Did he get hurt last game?

The Spec is often wrong.

he didnt play last game, at least im almost positive he didnt. I dont think he has played since he took that hit with tucker.

he played against Winnipeg last week didnt he?

Yes, he palyed against Winnipeg and had 4 tackles.

Check the stats:

and watch the game here: ... #clip83520

i guess the spec wrong then because they also had Rontarius Robinson listed as a starter for tomorrow's game and he is still injured

the depht chart should be up now (on the site) but its still not there

wow i dont know what the hell is wrong with me then. i was almost positive he didnt play last weak. I hope the spec has the wrong depth chart in the paper then (and that wouldnt suprise me).