he was taken off the injured list last week but never played, and then this week the spec says hes ready to go and hes back on the injured list

Mysterious "ailments" can pop up at anytime during the practice week. :wink: It looks like a couple of import spots are needed for the D-line this game with both Howard Hodges and Jermaine Reid being placed on the injury list. Newcomers Marcus West and George Gause are both listed as starters for the Winnipeg game.

why not sit Delgardo tho. Bradley will give our d a hudge boost if they put him in i dont get it.

agreed bradley is a great man to man cover guy, he could be useful against the pegs WR's

Yeah but being on the injured list doesn't always mean injured. Hodges isn't injured, he is out b/c they can only travel so many Americans, and they need to see what the new guys can do before they let some go on MOnday.

I agree. I would rather have Bradley in there than Delgardo. I'm guessing Bradley is still hurting a little bit from his pre-season injury and that the team would rather go with a player who is a little more healthy.

Hamstrings are a tough thing...they feel better one day and then just a little push and it starts all over again.

Why is everyone so down on Delgardo?
I kept a closer eye on him at the last home game because of the comments I had read on here about him, and he was in the receivers' hip pockets pretty much all night.
It's harder to tell sometimes on TV but I didn't see any glaring mistakes from him in the BC game either, and he made a nice pass knockdown in the end zone.

I for one am not really down on Delgardo, but I'd rather have Bradley in the line-up because he has a little bit more experience than the rookie.

im not down on him eather i just think bradleys that much better and if hes healths i want him in the lineup

That's valid.
There's just been a lot of overly negative comments about him (not that yours was) and I haven't really understood why.

i love our secondary. i think we will have one of the best defences when we get everyone healthy and its not far off just bradley.

did he even dress last game? hes been on the depth chart for the last 3 weeks and i havent seen him.