Bradley will play against the Bombers

Ken Welch reported on CHCH sports last night that Jykine Bradley will be back for the Winnipeg game.

Great news! Tisdale was having some struggles.

Woohoo! I was really concerned about him.

I did not mind Tisdale.
For his first start I thought he held his own.
I do prefer Bradley however.

Tisdale played well in the TO game. It's good to know we have a good backup who can step in when needed.

awesome! Jykine was all over the field against Edmonton. Hopefully he can play like that against Winnipeg

Good to have you back Jykine :slight_smile:

I thought he was horrible. but hey thats just me. and im glad to have bradley back, he is a rock out there in our secondary.

Tisdale didn't impress me either. Out of all the injured, this is the guy I wanted back the most. I'm sure he was upset he didn't get to take part in the hammering on the Argos, especially with all the big plays our secondary made. Awesome news.

Bradley hasn't had a bad game all season even when our defensive secondary was struggling we never once heard Jykine get burnt and like they say if you don't hear a corners name you know he is doing his job!

I've always been a fan of Bradley's since his very first game with us. I am glad he is back in the line-up we need him on defensive.

I hope hes 100% because Peg is going to test him, along with our OLine.

Not to take anything away form Bradley (he is very good and a personal favourite) but he does have the wide side which is the easier side to play.

Your better corner usually plays the short side because it's a much tougher task.

What has Tisdale done to say he is horrible?

He missed tackles, played too far of his man, he stood in the endzone and watched an argo catch a pass right in front of him, he didnt tag an argo that had fallen on the turf...

Lay off Geoff dudes, hes got the tools, just need the time. :smiley: :thup:

I saw him make a terrific and very athletic tackle last game.

His man took him across the field and just then a pass was completed to a receiver coming the across other way, he stopped on a dime accelerated and made the tackle minimizing a gain that culd have broken open as the receiver turned the corner. Obviously, the play was designed to clear Tisdale to the inside and create an opening on the out. Nice play Geoff.

played too far of his man,
That's uusally the play call either by the DC or the on field defensive captain. Who knows what the call was defensively?
he stood in the endzone and watched an argo catch a pass right in front of him, he didnt tag an argo that had fallen on the turf...
Yeah, saw that play, but it ended up not amounting to much of anything. Had potential to be a bonehead play but ended up being nothing really.

Tisdale was "okay" but considering the 2 games he replaced jykine in were is first 2 cfl starts.

So considering he played "okay" in his first 2 starts.....thats pretty good.

Welcome Back Bradley!

We needed him back. The guy is going to be a great one!!!

Bradley has been one of our most consistant performers on the D. Good cover man, plus a big time hitter out there. We need to get the big pressure on the Bomber's QB's to be successful. As for Tisdale, he needs a lot more time in game situations to improve. He was giving up way too much room to his man, for my liking. By next year, he'll be a good one. :cowboy:

Is he going to be back for labourday? i just assumed he would be but i saw the depth chart in the spec today and he isnt listed.