Bradley released

The #Ticats have released veteran defensive back Jykine Bradley. #CFL

From Drew Edwards twitter account

Not surprised by this at all.

Turns 31, lots of new talent brought in, rebuilding secondary…lose a veteran but not all that surprsing. One of the longest serving players on the team up to this point.

Riders cut Chris Szarka.

Injury prone.

Far too often went for the big hit and left himself vulnerable.

Nice guy though.

Well, better is better so I guess they figure they've got better coming to camp.

Personally I'm a bit sad, I always liked what Bradley brought to the table, and on top of that he was a heck of a nice guy to meet in person; although, that said, he's one I'd sure not want to meet if I was a receiver who had just caught a pass and turned upfield only to see him coming at me like a guided missle. . . .

A good player and a nice guy. I'm always sorry to see someone like that go. It's a tough business. I hope he catches on elsewhere.

Wow I did NOT see this one coming.

I wish Bradley all the best. He is a great guy and was always willing to chat with us. I think a lot of injuries prevented him from realizing his potential. It's too bad. I hate cuts.

Sorry Makavelli.

Even though I wasn't expecting this, I am not at all surprised given all the DBs we have signed recently


I'd rather have a Secondary of good cover guys and ball hawks leaving the big hits for the linebackers and safety.

I will miss his presence on the team. He was a dedicated player and is one of the few players to play with one team for 6 years. He was also the Ticats longest serving import.

I am 99.9% sure another team will grab him. Based on the recent trend I imagine the Als will be all over him to sign. They seem to like Ticat cuts a lot.

cant say you didnt see this coming, i will miss the swagger he brought to the field, loved his big hits, hated his over commitment to the big hit

hope he finds more work in football, i doubt he will though

It looks like the team is moving towards bigger DBs, and at 5-9, Bradley just didn't measure up (pardon the pun). He definitely hit above his size, but as others have mentioned, he did get burned on occasion after over-committing to those hits.

Hope he gets picked up - out west, preferably, so we don't have to play against him too often.

Loved watching him play.

All good things...

Not so sure about that. . . Montreal had Estelle and Dix on the corners last year, and have added Anderson, so I don't see them having any need on the corners.

He's 31. .. so my guess is he only gets a call if someone on another team goes down with an injury.

Based on the info on Drew's blog it sounds like Bradley still isn't 100% from the injury.

wow that sucks, he was defiantly my favorite player. Hoping a team out west picks him up so I can still cheer for him, and if not all the best to you man.

I can see him in Edmonton or Saskatchewan for sure.

I hope all ye hoping/predicting a re-signing for Mr. Bradley will report that outcome.

When a .500 team who didn't go far in the playoffs cuts a player there's usually a good reason. When we have back to back Grey Cup Championship seasons then I'll look forward to pre-training camp veteran cuts getting jobs elsewhere.

Since when is 31 too old to play football? Loads of guys in both the CFL and NFL play well into their mid-30's. If Bradley can get healthy he can still play another 3-4 years easily. He certainly hasn't lost speed over the years.

True, but he will likely start loosing speed very soon, and running speed deteriorates much faster with age than other physical aspects, and defensive back is a position that is very dependent on running speed. Due to this, they tend to have shorter careers than players who play other positions.