Brad Sinopoli's Break Out Game !!!!!

Sinopoli is having the game of his life, the quarterback turned receiver will be Canadian Player of the Week :thup:
maybe Player of the week :thup:

This gut is an amazing athlete

He is having a heck of a game, phenomenal athlete. You're kind of overreacting - 5 for 81 and no scores is far from a guarantee for Canadian Player of the Week... as for Offensive Player of the Week... there's this guy named Kory Sheets. But it's nice to see him doing well in his transition to receiver and he looks very good so far.

Ya, I guess I'm overreacting, I guess a few beers and being Canadian will do that to you :smiley:

Yes, he's a valuable addition as a receiver from what I saw.

It's a shame he didnt get a chance to play st QB, but he looked like a great find at receiver tonight.

I’d say Durie is the front runner for Canadian of the week so far, he had 120 yards and a TD.

It's a good thing Rod Black constantly reminded us he used to be a QB. But seriously he looked good.

But he did get a chance at QB, two years in a row, but he wasn't good enough. He now has a chance to prove himself as a receiver and he's doing a great job.

Good for Brad. I guess if this is any kind of sign of what kind of WR he will be then any thoughts of him being one of the three QBs in Ottawa next season are pretty much gone.
He is the 3rd of three QBs in recent history that could make a successful move to another position. Difference here is that if he can become an elite type receiver at 6'4" it will come with a nice pay check the other 2 were or are back ups and special teams starters so to speak.
So there will be a big difference if Brad does continue to improve because he started off fantastic.
It helped that he spent the off season working on his new position with Drew Tate.
Billy Greene if he can get healthy may also be a big offensive threat in making the transition to FB. They still call it full back but the position has evolved in the CFL to more of an H Back Role as we see with McHenry in Regina and Cote in Calgary has been doing it for some time. The other is a pure TE as we saw last season with Lavoi in Montreal. Both positions come with being a big part of the offensive scheme and no longer just an extra blocker.
Hamilton has a rookie in Delahunt who is a true TE. The Riders not only have an H Back in McHenry but also Cortez and the Riders were quick to jump on Darryl Stephenson who Cortez used as a TE offensive as well as blocking threat at the end of last season and the Riders also have a nice 6'4" TE from Western on the PR in which they drafted this year.
Another QB who looked as though he was ready to make the move to safety as well as being a punter was Kyle Graves. Understandable that Montreal released him with the Edam taking the starting role but also Towsend as his back up and a top coverage team player.
A little surprised that he was not given a shot by someone else with both punting and Safety as a possible position unless he is the one who has pulled the plug like Quinlan who did not see a future as a starter in the CFL be it as a QB or another position. A player like Graves could be very valuable to a team as a scout team player for now but if it only comes with a PR salary a better job oppuritunity would be understandable

I loved watching him last night. He's an all-round great football player.

its not a given that brad doesnt end up playing qb again.

danny barrett had to play receiver for a while before making a go of it back at qb

Hes like Rick Ankiel, caca pitcher but became a awesome fielderbatter.

He reminds me of Getzlaf, except with better

Well done Brad! :thup: