Brad Sinopoli?

So after four straight 1000+ receiving yardage seasons, why has Brad Sinopoli so often seemed like the forgotten man in the RedBlacks’ receiving corps this season?

Is it because without Greg Ellingson and Diontae Spencer opposition defences can and do devote ore coverage to Sinopoli?

Or is it that Trevor Harris was smart enough to look immediately to Sinopoli on a shorter route if his primary receiver was covered and for whatever reason Dominique Davis and Jonathon Jennings have been slow to pick up this valuable behaviour trait?


Little of both of what you say and with the OC leaving so close to camp it messed them up as well .

It just had taken awhile for it to all fall in for them .

Losing the OC , QB , RB . 2 receivers , OL and no replacements at the same level was just too much to over come .

Brad Sinopoli is the consummate pro. He probably absorbs the worst of so many departures: his quarterback, his battery mate, etc. He has played two games, both against Calgary, that are consistent with his normal production. The other four games have been subpar, for a fellow of his abilities.

He is a guy that a team might ask to play any position and he will play it. About the only position on Ottawa that is set, is kicker.

Perhaps he is being asked to do more off the field - even as a de facto offensive coach - than people are being led to believe.

Let’s just hope that he continues to want to stay in Ottawa; goodness knows every team in Canada wants him.

I think wins are more important than personal achievements for Brad Sinopoli. The problems are the team’s, rather than his alone.

He now needs to average 81.7 yards per game over the next three games to get back on pace for a 1000 yard season, or looking at it another way 62.1 yards per game over the remainder of the season to achieve the 1000 yard benchmark.


I agree with CFL Pete and will add my own take. I suggest that there is no chemistry between Davis and Sinopoli. Why that is, one can only speculate. Could be they don’t much care for each other or it could be a case of their playing styles are not compatible.

Whatever the reasons, Sinopoli is the ORB’s 2019 invisible man. Damn shame that is because this year’s ORBs need all the help that they can get after their owners/managers decided to gut their OL.

Unfortunately for us he will be the next guy out the door on way to Edmonton next year. ::slight_smile:

IMO he is going to join Harris, Sir Vincent Rogers, Ellingson and more

thanks Marcel!!!

I still hope he gets to the 1000 yard receiving mark this year though.


absolutely hope he does get his 1000yrds this year, but like others have said, they don’t seem to have him involved as much as in the past.

offence by committee???

Maybe not.

He is from the Ottawa area I believe. Went to University in Ottawa.

Won’t be too many more years until his playing days are done .

Post career in Ottawa would be my bet. Don’t forget about the wife and kids.

yeah my brother just reminded me about that as well.
I HOPE he DOES stay, not sure why the done use him more though ::slight_smile:

Another game and even the announcers are calling them on it . Davis didn’t even look at the big guy in the clutch last night .

He just stared at the guy he was going to throw to the whole time and wondered why they were covered so well .

Holy cow couldn’t one of the coaches pulled him aside and say please do a check off and glance away for a second your not Brady and your not throwing to Gronk on the side line .

You don’t have that luxury .

Do a pump to Baher then throw to the big guy .

I just don’t understand. Such a waste of one of the best WRs in the league. Every other team would love to have Brad Sinopoli.


And I’m sure after a year of being ignored all season, he will be looking for some love from some OTHER TEAM’s QB

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmaybe Edmonton comes to mind??

Actually maybe not Edmonton. The Eskimos already have Canadian WRs Natey Adjei and Tevaun Smith and are so deep at the WR slot that Kevin Elliott doesn’t get to dress. Of course if the Esks included Adjei or Smith in a trade for Brad Sinopoli the equation would change entirely. It would surprise me if the idea hadn’t already occurred to the Eskimos’ brain trust several weeks ago.


The Redblacks are one of the gteatest expansion teams ever.
But even the best of the best have a season wen alot of things collapse at once.
It happens. So dont give up bounce back. Thats wat great orginizations do

Cflsteve. Agreed. And yes, teams rise and fall. That is the way of sports. It would be a boring league if one team dominated always and forever.

That being said, I cannot help but feel disheartened at how things have panned out for the ORBs; especially considering that this is not something was was a random act of God but was in fact the result of the gutting of the offensive line. But that is spilt milk at this point.

Bottom line: we need a complete overhaul of the QB squad. I had hope for Davis at the start of the season, but he is not panning out and not getting better. Jennings is…well…Jennings. Good at one time but I am afraid his mojo has gone forever. Arndt? Too early to tell. Potential for sure but he needs more time to develop. Given the abysmal season we are having and given that we are most likely out of the playoffs, I suggest making him the starting QB and give him the rest of the year to develop. What have we to lose? Concurrently, start searching for two new backups.

Another expert opinion from the cheap seats.

I haven’t completely given up on Davis just yet.

Let’s see how he does with Paopao calling the plays. He should know enough to target Sinopoli more often.

How about now?


Well Paopao calling plays is apparently not the fix. That’s probably the worst QBing to start a game I’ve ever witnessed.:frowning:

OTOH, JJ is looking better today. :-\

Congrats Brad on passing Tony Gabriel as Ottawa’s all time leading receiver!! :smiley:

one of a very FEW individual achievements this season. :o

side note: this would have happened in August if Davis or Jennings would have thrown him the darn ball!! >:(