Brad Sinopoli

I see he is on the disabled list. What happened? (Apologies if you have covered this elsewhere)

He injured the shoulder last year in Calgary and hasn't recovered.

When I asked Tim Baines (Ottawa Sun, for those who don’t follow Ottawa media) on Twitter about it, he said to stay-tuned, so he’s probably got a story baking. I wonder if there isn’t a bit more to it.

Oh no. Another conspiracy . Well let me ( us ) know if you can. Thanks

He was put on the "disabled" list not the "suspended" list which means "a non football injury" - a team must apply to the commish to go on the disabled list. They can fill his roster spot and don't have to pay him full pay because it was a non-football injury.

No conspiracy, just probably a more detailed explanation than "football injury". Could be something as benign as what Jim describes. I wasn't suggesting otherwise.

What ??? Another conspiracy ??? does it have anything to do with the Grassy Knoll ??? :slight_smile:

The Citizen touches on it. It's a "suspected" hand injury, but he may play on Thursday anyway if he's cleared to return to practice by then.

So this is the reason why he was put on the "disabled" list, he can possibly play on Thursday but if he was on the 1 Game he wouldn't be able to play.

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Thanks for the update.
Boy on paper that is a impressive group of receivers. Totally new to one another so no doubt it will take time.

Sinopoli will start tonight but Maurice Price goes on the 6 game injured ist.

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Marcus Henry goes to the 6-game.

I guess now we'll need to find someone else to drop every clutch pass thrown his way. :?

Yeah. The only guy in this game that played at all last year was Scott McDonnell. Very telling.

I think that for all intents and purposes, Carter and Henry are done. the only way they get back in is through injury. and even then I think that Paden is ahead of Henry.

Ouch!!! don't know why I said Maurice Price! you are correct Henry goes out, which is not a bad thing

Yeah, that was more of a jolt than I needed this morning! :lol: I was afraid I'd read it wrong yesterday.

Not terribly surprised to see Sinopoli back in, but I would have liked to have seen Malik Jackson play. Ah well.

For that matter, none of the former Ottawa receivers that have caught on (no pun intended) with other teams in the off-season are playing. Kierrie Johnson, Wallace Miles are on the injured list, while Calgary released Dan Buckner after getting him in the Jasper Simmons trade.

A good start for Sinopoli, nothing spectacular but some key clutch cathes.