Brad Sinopoli

So... What's the scoop on this kid? is it likely he will be drafted? If so, which team takes a chance on him at the qb spot? I personally would like to see him given a shot... Who knows right. Probably better than most Rookie USA qb's just because he knows the rules of the game... so I'm just curious... will he be drafted? if so what team is most likely to take him.. i see a team with lots of picks taking a shot in the late rounds... but I'm not sure who. Hope he gets drafted but... Reality seems to be he wont and honestly, for the Canadian football league... i think they should make it mandatory, not mandatory but.. reward a team who dresses a Canadian qb or has one on the 4man even the ability to dress an extra import. I mean, it is the Canadian Football League... Let's see what these Canadian QB'S can do. I hope someone gives this guy a shot. Legit. It would be good for the league if there was one or two Canadian qb's they can truly build the C.F.L. around.

If he was willing to change position he'd likely go in the top 3 rounds. He wants to be a pro QB so it probably cuts how many teams will be interested in him as a development QB. Unfortunately there is no incentive to develop Canadian QB's :frowning:

Ticats :thup:

Ti-cats might draft him.

What he said.MB showed a keen interest in drafting him, said his workouts with the team last year were not entirely selfless.

...the kid sure has an arm BUT it takes more than a 'gun' to be a complete qb...I hope as well that someone gives him a look...(cats)...It's been a long-time between Russ Jacksons :wink:

That's what i'm thinking, it's time we stopped this crap that Canadians just aren't capable of being QB's.Hopefully more and more teams sign N/I QB's.

Wouldn't it be ironic if Sinopoli, who played CIS football in Ottawa, joined the Hamilton Tiger-Cats and went on to become the next big time Canadian QB since Russ Jackson, who was from and played college ball in Hamilton and played for the Ottawa Rough Riders? It's a long long way off from happening, but it would still be kind of funny.

Given the Ti-Cats QB situation, I think they would be primed to pick Sinopoli - They've got a QB in Glenn (age 32 for 2011 season) who might play for another four or five years before a young gun can take his place. Hamilton also has two selections in the third round and ones in the fifth and sixth round if he lasts that long. I think they would be a good bet.

I wouldn't think BC or Saskatchewan would because it looks like they have young, franchise quarterbacks already in place. Toronto already has Brannagan and I don't think having two Canuck QBs on the same roster would be a good idea. I also remember reading that BC, Edmonton, and Calgary were the only teams not to interview him, so there may not be interest there. That leaves Winnipeg, Hamilton and Montreal as viable options, and I think it may come down to which players are left in the draft at a certain point and how high up Sinopoli is on teams' draft boards. I'm looking forward to whatever happens. :thup:

I have never understood the policy of revolving door imports who cant crack the NFL, being forced on CANADIAN football fans. When the CFL could have a stock of good Canadians who fans could be interested in. :roll:

Duh, maybe because the CFL teams want the best QB's available?? not just a Canadian because he's Canadian for the sake of the league??

I still stand by my feelings that he's not gonna get drafted.

Sinopoli's arm strength is no where near as good as any of the current 8 starters out there now.

and even some of the backups.

it's really one big pipe dream at this point. sorry!

That reminds me. On Sunday we get to see if you have to leave the forum for the rest of the season. :smiley:

There's nothing wrong with Sinopoli's arm strength. He was at Ticats' training camp last year, MB is an alumni from Ottawa & committed to developing Cdn talent & hiring Cdn coaches. Ticats just released their 3rd string QB, Adam Tafralis, so there's a spot available. I think the Cats are going to pick him, although likely not with their first pick.

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yes but not for the entire season.


That's lame. I thought it was longer. :lol:

Sinopoli WILL be drafted, take that to the bank.

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