Brad Sinopoli - 1,000 Yard Receiver?

Five years ago he was in Ottawa as a QB for the Gee Gees. Who would have ever thought that he would be back 5 years later as a REDBLACK and a 1,000 yard receiver, 16 games into the season.

He has made a good receiver. I for did not think he got a fair shake at quarterback. His last pre season as a QB, he took his team down the field scored a touchdown and the two point convert. Now I know it was against third string guys, but I think he at least deserved the chance to develop as a QB.

Didn’t think he did either, but a CIS trained QB will never get a fair look from an American coach, let alone an NCCA trained Canadian QB. Andrew Buckley will be the next CIS QB to be thrown away without so much as a fair shot. I’m glad Sinopoli has made it as a receiver even if it’s not with the Stamps.

They don't get a fair shot because a CIS QB has never faced an NCAA quality defense, it's as simple as that.
The NCAA QB has a longer season, better coaching, they train 12 months a year and they play against defensive players that are bigger, stronger and faster than anything a CIS QB will face.
Any Canadian QB in high school that shows potential is recruited by the NCAA and awarded a scholarship. There have been a couple of outstanding Canadian QBs but they have gone to the NCAA.
My nephew is a great young high school QB, he has been told at football camps that if he wants to be a QB he better do his last two years at a US school.
You can't use the "American coach" excuse not giving a Canadian a chance because we have had quite a few Canadian coaches in the CFL over the years including Buono, all coaches judge a player on his ability and not one would choose a player based upon his nationality.
Sinopoli may have been an outstanding CIS QB but there are hundreds of trained NCAA QBs who are better.

I'm just glad he switched to receiver, there aren't many receivers ahead of him in the CFL the guy is outstanding.

Besides Buono and a couple others, who? Not snarky here, I really am curious. There haven't been a lot of head coaches AFAIK. Daley with WPG and Maciocia with EDM...then who? And we'll just have to agree to disagree on the question of Canadian QBs.

Let's stick to Brad Sinopoli as a 1,000 yard receiver

But other Canadian coaches have been Cal Murphy, Marcel Bellefuile, Greg Marshall,
Do you think the Canadian coaches gave preference to Canadians? coaches evaluate the performance of player on the field and don't judge any player on their nationality.
It's pretty easy excuse to say that a Canadian QB won't make it because the American coaches won't give him a chance, I don't believe that for one minute. Reality is that a a QB Sinopoli was just not as good as the guys ahead of him, there was no "agenda" by American coaches to give jobs to American players.

Half a dozen coaches in how many decades? The reality is we don't know if Sinopoli was not as good since we never saw him given a chance. And American coaches certainly do favour American players. Not necessarily any agenda...but it's only natural to favour someone from a system that you're familiar with.

It gets forgotten (and heaven forbid announcers ever mention it. Like you, Duane Forde) but Sinopoli played receiver as well at U. of O. while waiting for his turn at QBN behind Josh Sacobie. He didn't have a huge amount of catches but he was clearly athletic and of course, had a tendency to get that extra yard for a first down.

I thought he might be the type to get 15-25 catches for a team, mostly short stuff, but 1000 yards? Not a chance.

And certainly not for an Ottawa team called the RedBlacks. :lol:

Brad Sinopoli Ottawa Redblacks receiver was named winner of the Syl Apps Athlete of the Year award by the Ontario Sports Hall of Fame.

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