Brad Banks

Anyone have any clue how long Brads shoulder is supposed to keep him out?

I am a huge Gades fan, but I will never be confident that they'll be able to get to the next level with Joseph at the helm. He constantly throws suicide passes over the middle, and rarely has good touch on throws to the sideline. I was at last weeks game, and he did play well, but the comeback can definately be contributed to the field position the defense afforded him. Kerry definately has one of the strongest arms in all of football, bar none, but I personally believe he lacks the instincts of a true CFL QB. Keeping injuries in mind, the only decent games hes had these last two years were within the first 3 games of the season, when the opposing defenses are still raw.

I've been a Brad Banks fan since he played for Iowa, and I will always believe he is the future of our franchise here in Ottawa. He had very impressive numbers during his appearances last year filling in, when other teams were in the swing of things. The defense just never left him with a chance to win any games. I think most people ignore the fact that he was runner up for Heisman in his senior year, and I believe he broke the single season NCAA passing yards record. I am as optimistic as they come, but I still think Joseph will have slumped midway through the year and Brad will win the starting job for good. I think if the fumble near the goal-line goes to the Als in the fourth quarted Friday, the media would be singing the opposite tune.

Any thoughts on the QB situation?

I will admit i have noticed the bad accuracy of kerry joesphs passes and im a huge brad banks fan but the prsent is joesph theve already called him there leader and i believe he can keep a good streak going this year if he uses his runing ablity constantly but in a couple years brad banks will take over and i prdict that the teams offense will be at the best theve ever been

Let's not start QB contraversy here!!

Banks has all the tools to be our star QB but that the moment he's not because he's hurt and he's also #2 on the depth charts... Let's have some faith in Joe and our coaching staff as at training camp they all had the opportunities and Joseph came out swinging and ready - he won the job...

No fault in getting excited with our prospects though!!! It certainly looks as though we have the enviable position of having the QB of the present and 2 very amazing for the future in Banks and Peterson... Ask pretty much any eastern team and they'll tell you they'd love one of our guys... Keep your Stinkin' paws off them !!!!

As for Joseph's current play. I agree, he has not been rock solid, yet, but he showed some character vs Montreal and it's amazing what a bit of protection will do for your confidence!!

I think that it's going to get better for the Gades on O and same goes for Joseph's confidence.

I love seeing him put it under his arm and run with it!! He's got the wheels and I love how it took 6 Als to tackle our starting QB to the goal line!! He's a gamer when he puts it on the line - Just think how that feels as a Renegade player when they see their QB to that!!

Kudo's to the new play calling coach (it's not Joe anymore - thank you!) and kudo's to them for moving the pocket on those roll outs in the 2nd half.

Thank god it's not Joe calling plays. He should never be allowed to call a play again in his life.

The future is Peterson. Go BC, not the BC you guys are thinking about.

I agree that Banks could be the next QB star in the CFL, but I haven't lost faith in Joseph - yet. Give him at least a couple of weeks to find his game again. He is coming of an injury-filled season, after all.

I'm interested to see what Peterson can do. I didn't see the exhibition game, so I really don't know much of anything about him.

This week's prediction: OTT 38 - CAL 20

I like you're prediction!!!!

Iove it!

Looks like I wasn't far off on that Calgary prediction, eh? I'm thinking it'll be a pretty tight game tonight against EDM. Withn 7, I think.

Anyone hearing anything on Banks? Not that we need him right now, but it seems like it's a more serious injury than first expected.

Plus, we gotta get Kennedy out of Ottawa. Sure, he knows the offense, but he's not a good quarterback. Did anyone catch his performance in that Damon Allen QB Challenge? He was freaking pathetic! Wasn't even close to hitting most of the targets. Glad he was still wearing a Calgary uniform for that abomination.

GO Gades GO!

Within 7, ok, but who is going to end up on top? Lets see if you can do this 2 weeks in a row. :slight_smile:

Yeah, it was too tough to call. I really thought the 'Gades could do it. They had their chances.

Missing Kellett really hurt. Here's hoping he's back this week.

So it's not Boston College? :lol: