Brad Banks to become a free agent?

I have tooted this guys horn now for a couple of years now, and he has not been given a real shot yet as a starter.
This is a guy who came out of college with a better resume than any CFL QB had before him (minus Mr Flutie)
Finalist for the Heisman in his final season, and a "prototypical" CFL style QB.
He was the 2002 Associated press player of the year in all of college ball
AP Player of the Year Voting
Brad Banks, QB, Iowa; 24 votes
Carson Palmer, QB, USC; 21
Willis McGahee, RB, Miami; 10
Larry Johnson, RB, Penn State; 6

Now I see he is due to become a free agent on February 15 if he does not re-up with Winnipeg.

Now if we get the 2 new Winnipeg guys in our coaching fold I am sure that they have a feeling one way or another about Brads ability as a QB.
I hope we sign him and let him compete for the starting job!!

I would be shocked if the Ticats didn't sign Banks or Spergeon Wynn to compete with Maas at camp. Banks might have the edge if Working (our new OC, who was an offensive coach with Banks and the Bombers last year) views Banks as a talent that was mismanaged in Winnipeg.

I also agree! Brad Banks is a VG QB. I would love to see him have an opportunity in Hamilton. He played great against us here when he was with Ottawa. He can certainly move the ball, something all Ti-Cat fans would love to see.

Solid observation. I think Banks has a lot of talent for the Canadian game but needs more experience and some reinforcement in the decision-making elements of his game. I would personally place him higher than Wynn in potential.

I expect Working’s input will go a long way to determining how hard the Cats pursue banks, if at all. We do need a QB or two more to give the training camp a meaningful push.

Oski Wee Wee,

Here are the comparative career passing CFL stats of Brad Banks and Spergon Wynn:

Brad Banks (5'11", 201 lbs, Apr 22/80 )
94 completions/172 attempts, 54.7% pass completion rate, 1132 passing yards, 9 TDs, 6 interceptions

Spergon Wynn (6'3", 226 lbs, Aug 10/78 )
160 completions/246 attempts, 65.0% pass completion rate, 2003 passing yards, 11 TDs, 5 interceptions

It will be interesting to see whether Roughriders' GM Eric Tillman, who brought Brad Banks into the CFL a few years ago with Ottawa, shows any interest in Banks if he becomes a free agent. If so, the Ticats might need to focus on acquiring Wynn or another quarterback with some CFL experience to compete with Jason Maas at training camp.

Heisman Winners :

1990 Ty Detmer Brigham Young QB Jr. 1,482
1991 Desmond Howard Michigan WR Jr. 2,077
1992 Gino Torretta Miami (Fla) QB Sr. 1,400
1993 Charlie Ward Florida State QB Sr. 2,310
1994 Rashaan Salaam Colorado RB Jr. 1,743
1995 Eddie George Ohio State RB Sr. 1,460
1996 Danny Wuerffel Florida QB Sr. 1,363
1997 Charles Woodson Michigan CB Jr. 1,815
1998 Ricky Williams Texas RB Sr. 2,355
1999 Ron Dayne Wisconsin RB Sr. 2,042
2000 Chris Weinke Florida State QB Sr. 1,628
2001 Eric Crouch Nebraska QB Sr. 770
2002 Carson Palmer USC QB Sr. 1,328
2003 Jason White Oklahoma QB Jr. 1,481
2004 Matt Leinart USC QB Jr. 1,325
2005 Reggie Bush USC RB Jr. 2,541
2006 Troy Smith Ohio State QB

Although I do not disagree with you that Banks should or shouldnt have a shot but these are the best college players over the last 16 yrs. Pretty hit or miss. So what Im getting to is that it really doesnt matter what you do in college it is how you perform as a pro that really matters.

Excellent point; Andre Ware and Tee Martin had superb college years, but were total busts in the CFL.

id take brad banks over wynn though

If he is so good, why did he not stick in the NFL? He has a big time arm and went to a big time skool! Also, if he was so good, why did Ottawa start Joeseph who used to play DB in the NFL? Again, if he was so good, with all the injuries Winnipeg had at QB this year, why didn't he look good at all? The former college QB you should be watching for this year is........................Eric Crouch!

Eric Crouch!

If he is so good, why did he not stick in the NFL? He has a big time arm and went to a big time skool! Also, if he was so good, why did the NFL try him at DB? If he was so good, with all the injuries Toronto had at QB this year, why didn't he look good at all?
The former college QB you should be watching for this year is........................Brad Banks!

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Very cool reply 8)

I think most football fans would agree that Brad Banks’ height was the number one reason why he didn’t get a chance in the NFL.

The CFL is the perfect place for all the players who don’t necessarily fit the NFL “mold” but are still great football talents.

Now, I don’t know about his decision making, but he seems to have the tools to succeed.

  • paul

so this guy has really gotten a lot of hype over the last couple years… but in game situations hasnt really lived up to that IMO. certainly instant success isnt expected, but what does this kid need from coaches in order to bloom? and at what point does he become a lost cause?

The fact of the matter is the NFL will not keep a 5'11" QB on their roster. You have to be 6'2"+ or Doug Flutie to get a fair shake. Well, Doug really didn't get a fair shake.

true excpet for drew brees

Banks is a great young talent. He just needs to improve his ability to read coverage and overall vision. If you guys don't want him, I'd be happy to have him backing up A.C. in Montreal.

any help would do right now!

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