Brack to sit out last 3 games ?

Rumour has Brackenridge sitting remainder of season,, anyone else heard this ?


True story

Heard he might be moving on as well

ech, I think he should be one of our few "keepers"

sure. if he wants.

The harsh reality is he is a speed player. He's turning 32. He cap hit is likely up there.

I'd say its 50/50 he'll be back and the above does not work in his favour?

He started slow. Injured during camp and it took him 4-6 games to get going. Position change seemed to help. But he has not been the same player and that may not be his fault entirely..........when a defense has holes like ours does...........nobody will standout.

I am glad they are sitting some vets and going rookie.

I finally saw the roster depth chart…I figured Brack was off roster. He’s still in there.

Brack/Macho…I hope this is a SAM audition for Brackenridge. I’d love to see him play over Macho? Sam requires a bit more yards to cover but Brack has the skillset to do it.

Knox back at weak. Yes we need to sort out if Doughty is a keeper at MLB or if Knox might need to go back there…or if we need to find one in the off-season? Knox is much heavier than TBrack and if he can still be as fast as Brack carrying more weight and size…wow.

Getz…surprised they don’t look future and have Demski in there.

Adcock back in. Don’t disagree but it is too bad hardrinks had to shuffle off roster. Hardricks looked pretty good and I liked the extra spice factor he brought. He gets excited.

Green for Mertile swap. I do see Marshay as more of a corner. We’ll see what Mertile can do inside. His decisions need to be faster and he now will be covering top slots like A. Bowman. Have not been a Mertile fan but the coaches are sticking with him.

Aside from these moves. RB Spann and LB Allan get on the roster. Hoping they get STR work and some touches too. We’ll see if some rookies got some jam!

But I really shake my head about Getz. Demski…Carroll…Haidara…lets see what they got.

Brack is on the roster so that he gets full pay…it is a respect thing. Go to TSN…it can’t be put more clearly…unless something super weird changes.

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IMO…and this is just me…Brack is gone

Green needs the reps at CB. He was brutal at HB. this is basically him playing for his job…he needs to have a good game or h is likely done

Ainsworth needs reps…need to see him. I want to see White, but it is way more important to see the pending FA Canadian

Price needs to see reps as well…we know Smith is coming back.

Vonk is the only depth on OL…yikes

Brack one is really tough. Everyone loves the guy for sure. Tough call but Mgmt gets paid to make these tough calls.

Vonk..............I would like to see him in there for Best? But with O-line intact I hope they clear space for Allen/Spann and give Smith lots of time. But sooner or later you'd like to see Vonk.

Ainsworth.................yep yep yep. I am sure he will get DE reps platooning those 3.

Connop and Abjage. Tennant would be the safe non import so these two can scrap it out. If both can't produce you have to look forward to 2016 draft.......but we need 2-3 non-import DT's for depth.

Back to Brack............we're at where we are at. He's 32 and will command $100K minimum probably more. At 32 and having good abilities he won't play for peanuts. Getz is the same. For what we are repertedly paying Getz you can't drop a ball..........let alone 1-2 balls every game. And Getz is 33-34 and injury riddled 2014-2015?

I am not saying it will be management's decision if he is back or not...but i think he is leaning towards the other side of the fence....and I do not think that started with this decision...not at all. I am left wondering if shopping him didn't go well

No doubt. It doesn't exacly give you a warm fuzzy feeling to know the team is looking to dump you.

I don't think the team is looking to dump him per say...but he is 32 or whatever...the contract needs to make sense for a rebuilding team. He either needs to fit what they see at OLB and at 140k or less, or he won't be with them. They most probably need a NI at S next season, and he is not a DB. He is too small to last in the middle...that leaves 2 options with him...both at perimeter LB. Brown will displace Harris when he is back, so he is basically competing against the Knox if he stays. Brack is smart enough to see this. This really doesn't change unless they can establish a minimum of 1 more NI, more likely 2. That would be basically on the OL or DL or potentially a WR...which means not moving forward with one of Roosevelt, Smith or Dressler. I tend to think they are going to do their best to ink Smith, though if he goes FA that changes things. Roosevelt should be a lock. Dressler is a lock unless they trade him. That means hoping one of the DTs improves over the off-season or Ainsworth proves a viable starter over the next 3 garbage time games. In addition, they would need a 4th NI OL starter. Spell it all out...there is a good probability he won't be back in green

If one wants to try to instaswing the 2016 fortunes of the Riders then it means moving a big name. Big name candidates are Dressler (can be replaced with Smith), Best (leaves a massive void on OL), Chick (can't see them doing that), Hall (less marginal trade value), Bagg (no-way at this point...he has a low contract for his worth), Demski (yeah right), MacDougall (marginal trade equity), Durrant (no). From there there is marginal trade value in player trade value. Hall, Chick and Dressler seem to have to most potential of gains. Chick would kill the DL. Hall is doable if there are any takers and White or Ainsworth show well enough, plus it depends...Foley may very well be back in green. After that Dressler....massive contract and is replaced by Smith (if he signs) and and frees up a WR spot to try to rotate another NI in...that would be massive. Not sure if they tried moving Brack or not...they probably should have.

I hope White really shines at DE and we can dump Hall. Have to move Getz one way or the other, cut, trade, whatever, but he and his massive salary has to go. I don't want to lose Brack not based on his performance this year because it wasn't good but because I think this was just a bad year for him. He goes else where next year and he probably shines. That said if they can get something really good for him then it may be the wise move but if they get rear ended on the deal (which I wouldn't be surprised) then I will not be a happy camper.

Perhaps make Brack an offer on a lower base wage and more incentive heavy. If he shines everybody wins but if he is a bust at least keeping him doesn't hurt our cap space as much. At least make the offer and if he agrees fine, if not then so be it.

I still loath the thought of moving Dressler, Durant comes back and those two will probably light it up due to the chemistry they have together. Move Dressler and he will burn us, I guarantee it. I like Smith but I have only seen glimpses of him being as good as Dressler, if he showed it game in and game out it wouldn't be as bad. I guess if we are rebuilding though it may be necessary to move Dressler but everything tells me it will be a very very bad move for the team on and off the field.

Getz is a if he stays his back end loaded contract will be done anyways. It was not a bad contract if you average it...but it was ridiculously back loaded. If he stays....drastic reduction as he is winding down

Sure...if the can find a spot for brack then ink him...but he is no guarantee to start. If he is willing to learn to wrap up I would be more interested. I hope there is spot for him...not counting on it

It's a different world this season and players that looked like all stars last year aren't adjusting to the new reality and either need to reinvent themselves or they're gone...sad but true. No room for sentimentality. Jackson is another example, likeable guy but crapping the bed in coverage this year.

Smith's problem is he has Dressler on the roster. Dressler didn't have the same style player to compete with. Dressler created his own niche on the team, now Smith is playing in Dressler's shadow even being labeled Dressler 2.0. Perhaps if Smith came before Dressler the roles might be reversed.

Well once again we see how brutal our secondary is. Just brutal tackling which has been crap all year. I would cut Harris, Mytrle, Green tomorrow. Waste no more time on them. Jackson is on the bubble and I would offer him the spot a returner and a back up on defense.

It just makes me sick watching the team come out and dominate in the 1st quarter and then watch it turn to SH** for the umpteenth time this year.

Quick would be quickly gone also.

:thup: :thup: :thup:

Mertile made some beautiful coverage.......coverage.....coverage plays

The Esks figured out late I q2...share passes....let them miss tackles...brutal

This team has struggled with tackling all season...this d staff is disgusting. I thought it was 1 or 2 that need to go... it is 4 on d

Guess jettisoning Richie Hall wasn't such a bright idea after all .. .

yes the defense is brutal , I sure hope they get some real coaches in here. ala dave Ritchie or someone of his stature

Well my all time favourite Rider is Eddie Davis, and I think he'd make a great coach on the defensive side of things, but I doubt he'd be interested, which is a shame.