Bracing for controversy

September 20, 2007

Winnipeg Blue Bombers' head coach Doug Berry knows a thing about football, in particular offence and specifically quarterbacks.

It's his opinion that Kevin Glenn, his quarterback, is physically fit to play and doesn't need to take a game off to ensure he doesn't aggravate a minor knee problem.

Some members of the media have voiced the opinion Berry should sit Glenn out of this Sunday's game in Toronto after the talented quarterback tweaked his right knee in the third quarter of a game last Saturday in Hamilton.

Berry told this week that Glenn is no worse for wear and thinks all the concern about the knee is much ado about nothing.

"This is the game of football. Guys are going to get bruised," he said. "We're not talking about anything season ending. It's absurd."

Glenn will wear a brace on the knee for precautionary purposes. He already wears a brace on the left knee because of prior injuries. But this one is not considered serious.

That's what Berry is saying and what he's been told by the team's medical and athletic therapy staff.

The Bombers are leading the East Division and this week's game is not a must-win. Berry could easily rest Glenn, who is leading the Canadian Football League in passing and is the East Division's logical pick at this stage for Most Outstanding Player honours.

The Bombers will only go as far as Glenn takes them this year. Backup Ryan Dinwiddie showed some ability against Hamilton, but that's hardly a measuring stick because the Tiger-Cats are porous.

Could Glenn sit it Sunday's game? Yes.

Does Berry feel it's necessary? No.

Not at this point, anyway. He'll monitor Glenn's progress right up until game time. If he decides to sit him down, that will be his choice.

Here's a thought, though. The Argos have one of the better defences in the league -- notwithstanding a blowout loss in B.C. last Saturday -- and right now they're probably preparing for both quarterbacks. If nothing else Berry has created a guessing game for the Argos.

If Glenn plays and aggravates the knee, the second-guessers will be all over the head coach. It will make running up the score, the controversy in which Berry was involved earlier this year in a game against Hamilton, minor in comparison.

But that's why coaches coach and the media gets to be armchair quarterbacks, particularly on the subject of quarterbacks.

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The same could be said about Milty. Now the question for bomber fans only. Pappa and Piggy you make sure only bomber fans answer this do you think the coach is making a good decision on both players.
I think both should rest their injuries for one game and not take a chance of a season ending injury.

As far as I know, they are sitting Stegall. We won't know for sure until game time, but I would assume that he sits and Brazzell takes his place.

As far as Glenn goes.....

If Glenn says he's good and Berry says he's good and if the medical staff says he's good, then I would imagine that he is good.

Dr Piggy MD whats your take on his answer?

My armchair QB opinion:

Berry has a team that is rolling right now, the best they have been playing this year, and he wants to keep it that way. Can't blame him for that.
But....We have had great years before with Khari, and pulled up lame in the playoffs, or even Grey Cup because of injuries. The bottom line is that no one cares what your record was, only if you won the Championship. This year we are bonified contenders, and IMO we should take the precautions to keep it that way.

Anytime you have a knee injury, back injury, hamstring etc, it is never 100% healthy after just 1 week. In a game that has little bearing on the year I think we should start Dinwiddie, at least give him the chance to show what he can do so that he has that experience if we ever need him (knock on wood). If he sucks, then maybe we have to throw Glenn in.
Stegall on the otherhand I think we should dress. At the very least he would keep coverage on him, allowing other recievers to get open. If we use him sparingly he can still get the rest he needs over the next 2 weeks, and the team can still have success without losing that momentum.

Anyway, I don't make the decisions and it looks like Glenn will start, and Milt will sit. You can bet that Berry will be raked over the coals if Glenn suffers another injury.

Exactly the problem is that if the Bombers lose the game and Glenn is injured you better take all the plastic knives away from the Bomber fans.

do or die i am always proud to wear blue and gold. glenn has looked ok in practice and needs to get used to the brace on the right knee. but he should be ok to go. if not dinwiddie has been running the #1 offence in practice and threw ok after glenn left the game in hamilton. i am not to worried.

My opinion... he better friggin' play! I have him in the Fantasy Huddle, and it's not like I can bench him for good old reliable Davey! :expressionless: I need explosive games from him and Ray to help with my comeback!

So let the man play! :smiley:

Tough call, but if the injury was anywhere near serious, I'm sure he wouldn't play, so he's probably healthy enough to go. Stegall on the other hand, should take the week off.

I'm not the least bit worried about Kevin. The knee is a wonderfully constructed joint for moving in one direction. Anyone who has injured a knee knows that strain in another direction produces pain and swelling far out of proportion to the injury. If Kevin could put weight on the leg after the injury then he'll be fine.

Right on Chief! :wink: :wink:

My sentiments exactly. The good ship titanic is in trouble in one pool and needs all the help it can get.