Boyd’s gutless hit

No suspension for this Ottawa player gutless late hit on Robertson?

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Cant give an opinion. Didnt see it. Two wrongs dont make a right. I am sure masoli didnt do anything to deserve anybody's wrath, let alone deserve what Marino did to him. Damn I hate him having that last name

No it doesn't appear so. Boyd's pathetic. Should be cut. Same with that guy who did the headshot on Duke

Not yet but I expect he'll get a fine unless Marino's Psycho behavior totally distracted them.

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If anyone can post a "good" video of this play I would love to see it. TSN showed it a bit on one replay but couldn't get a good look at it. It seemed like a cheap shot but at a quick glance not with any intent to injure. I said in the other thread he should get one game to serve notice - but nothing in the line of Marino's antics.

Lol.. four replies. Shows its ok to play dirty to some depending on the jersey

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Well the riders are the team they love to hate. Let’s get rid of all the Canadian players now. And bring in more global players to take up American spots.

They have been rather busy dealing with another players even more gutless, classless, and morally reprehensible actions.

I am sure they will deal with the Boyd incident as well. It was flagged it will be looked at.

Kinda sad to keep seeing these threads with 4 year old "he did it too..." attitude.

"Getting even" is a childish concept that when subscribed to in adult life leads to that moment at the airport where the family on their way to Wally world has to turn around and go back home because daddy has a criminal background and can't get across the border.......or worse.

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Is it childish, or simply people want all the dirty players to be punished. I believe Robertson has an injured foot due to an act by Boyd when they were completely out of the play.


I have never disagreed that he deserves supplemental punishment. He would probably have already been dealt with but the CFL has been busy with other things.

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But you call it childish because "Marino's a bad guy"

It childish because grown mature people don't act like that. They have the capacity to reason and emotional control.

Children ans small minded people go "but mommy, mommy he hit Johnny first" Thinking that justifies anything is immature and small minded.

Like people who come here solely to argue to make themselves feel smart.


well, on a positive note for him, he has brought a number of new posters to the site.

Great post and rebuttal :smirk: :+1:


My point is more that if you play dirty, expect to get it back and don't cry when you do. Ie Ottawa.. don't cry when people retaliate after they take out a star defensive end with a cheap shot.

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Absolutely no different than hockey, and the code. They will wait till the following year to get even. Is that childish. They even talk openly about it. The code.


You have to bring interest somehow, the forum has slipped considerably from last year, maybe as we get into the labour day , the real football season.

For boyd to only get a fine is embarrassing to the league. I am shocked at this display. Why is it bad to say that marino AND boyd hits do not deserve in the game. Dangerous play, intent on injury, 30 yards away from the ball. Belly flopped on robinson ankle. Joke of a league. Been a fan my entire life and it has come to this.... embarrassing


Well if your on one of the golden teams, they certainly don t want to punish them, I guess no wins yet is punishment enough. They certainly seem to have a problem meating out discipline to the eastern teams, Must be that private ownership thing, they might be scared all the owners will flee, if they don;t favour them.