Boyd Released

I guess we could see this coming, Boyd must be wondering what the hell happened this year. The guy was leading the league in rushing, gets released picked up by a team that cant design a system for a running game, gets scratched from most games and when he was playing hardly got the ball. now he gets released again. If I was Cory I'd be wondering if someone has a curse on him.

I pretty much just shrugged and gave a, "meh," when I read the headline on TSN. :lol:

Change of events for Boyd for sure; when Barker had Lemon behind centre the last couple of years Cory was a great deal part of the their Offense and thus put up good numbers. Now with a different head bench boss in Toronto and the addition of Ray the play book changed - even so with Boyd in Edmonton it was noticable on how the Eskie offense is run; blocking schemes/Charles is good in this area [Messam as well, however in a different light from last year though] with good hands out of the backfield/five yard cross routes/screens and what have you. I wish Boyd well in the future of Football.

Boyd un-released.

Lets just begin a new topic Boyd Unreleased. This team has become quite the Soap opera

What would you like, pick someone off the street to fill in for the injured Charles. Seems like a good move to me.

The thing about bringing Boyd back is the Esks don't utilize him properly. End of story; soap opera ends here for oldclarke

That's no reason to become a Rider's fan.
I've thought of cheering for another team too, but never those godless heathens :lol:

There's something tricky going on in Edmonton...Reed is a good man..Nelson I respect - The OC part of it has me disturbed to say the least. Things were going good out of training camp for the OC schemes; even with Jyles. Having said that Jyles is Jyles and I don't fault him. It all changed with the running backs when Messam got here just after Boyd. Are the Eskies frustrated? could be, but then again other teams DC's are going after Joseph big time and there's no stopping it. Easy to say injuries have a played a huge roll in all of this, but that's the way it goes. The last couple of weeks....was sigh. I wish Edmonton well.

Cheers - Backer

:thup: :thup: :thup: :) :cowboy:

Seems to me that since they haven't used him yet, how can you say they don't utilize him properly? Is this just a presumptive strike?

If you are now a Rider fan, what are you doing on the Eskimo page? lol.

(disclaimer, just having fun, don't take the above seriously)

I’m just saying when we had him we never used him, now were going to resign him again, for what to sit on the bench and watch Messem run the ball, If I was Boyd I would have told Tillman to pound sand and went home and trained my ass off for next season and came back with another team and ran the ball all over the Argos and Esks. Its like it is some sick joke they played on this guy.

I didn't take it seriously VoR. Boyd is backing up Messam; however it just seems strange Cory ran up yards in Toronto for two seasons and now can't get back into form :? Eskie OC/schemes of sorts.

So how many times did Boyd get the ball today ? Honestly I think it was a waste of a time in even dressing him