Boyd Released... What is their next move

Im guesing the release of Boyd means that they are looking to sign a couple of O Lineman so Ray can get the passing game going consistantly.

This is a bit of a shock, but I have been thinking Cory just looked slower this year and wasn't breaking tackles like he used to.
If he was a Canadian he would make a great Fullback but as the #1 import running back you need speed and the ability to be a receiver out of the backfield in that position.
But it is still a shock

  1. Gerald Riggs Jr. has been signed.
  2. If Kackert or Riggs Jr. don't work out, some free agent and NFL shopping is in order in September:

Agree with you totally. Riggs however may surprise a lot of people. He had a good pre season and the Argos at the time were pretty well set with Boyd and Kackert yet Riggs still made the opening day roster eventually hitting the practice squad where the team had other needs and just did not have the space for Riggs but all that has changed. I would not be surprised to see Riggs become a very productive part of the offense.
Just an observation I had but in light of the new situation it seems like a real possibility where he could flourish in this offense