Boyd released - Are we interested?

Well, in a surprising (or not so surprising) move, the Argos have released Boyd as he "didn't fit in to their philosohpy". That has always been a sweeping statement to hide a myriad of ills.

However, considering the injury to Whitaker, are we interested in Boyd? He has been known to bust up Ds when he was on his game. Or do we have potential talent on our depth chart?

Doesn't matter if we are/were interested or not. . . he's off to Edmonton.

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In my opinion.....No!!!! If we need a blocking back, we alreday have two. Should anything happen to Brandon, we have Noel Devine. Let Cory Boyd be one of Eric Tillmans projects.
Besides we already have Dwight Anderson to stir up the non sense in the locker room. Too much personality and arrogance for one room.
I'm suprised Jim Barker didn't try and trade him. THen again, who trades the leading rusher? I'm sure red flags would have gone up in every GMs camp if Barker tried to. Would have been a sign of desperation for the Argos.
Plus the fact Cory Body tends to drop the ball or fumble in key moments.
He can still run like a madman but if he's like a cancer to the team, cut him out imediatley!!!
I'm no fan of the Argos but I am a fan of Jim Barker and our old pal Scott. So I'll trust their decision.
Remeber folks, we aren't in the locker room, so we'll never really know for sure.

agree with you 100%

The problem with Boyd apparently was what he didn`t do when not carrying the ball.....block.

And if you want to grab onto a conspiracy theory, he could be considered the completion of the Ricky Ray trade.

He doesn't fit our needs. We run the same type of offense as Toronto, we need a quick, shifty back who can block effectively and function as a receiver. Boyd was pitiful as a receiver this year, 23 catches for 70-something yards total.

no one at esksfans is buying into that. Things seem a little happier there. we need to change that. :slight_smile:

I just listened to Scott M on TSN 1050 audio podcast. They did try and trade Cory Boyd but a no go.
If you wanna hear it go to the TSN site-CFL-and scroll down to the right.(9mins total)
NOTE: The interview isn't that exciting. Very Trestman like. The host was trying to rope him in, but Scott was chilled out.