Boyd reaches deal with Argos

Great signing for the Argos but I think Cory should have gotten an agent because it appears representing himself he signed for significantly less that other starting RB's in the league have signed for.

Great signing for the Argos.

What's wrong with the contract? What are other starting RBs making? Edit: And you can't compare his contract to those of guys like Reynols and Cobourne.

What's wrong with that contract? It says he's nearly doubled his salary. I don't think his new contract is out of line with what other RBs are making. Reports were that last season Cobourne was making $100,000 with the Als.

Apparently Cobourne's up to about $130,000 with the Ticats.

That doesn’t mean that is the average rate for a top RB. For all we know he could be the highest paid RB in the league. Import RBs don’t make huge money in the CFL.

If Cobourne is making $130,000, then I don’t see what’s wrong with Boyd making around $90,000. Keep in mind Cobourne is an established back.

The way that article is written it sounds like he's making closer to $100,000 than $90,000. If anything Boyd will probably be one of the highest paid 2nd year RBs in the league.

I was being conservative. You're probably right.

Boyd said he didn’t want to accept a huge contract that would leave too little room for the Argos to sign other pieces necessary for the team to win

I really like Boyd, the Argos did well being able to re-sign him. Heck of a runner.