Boycotting Home games or we will lose our team-

Having already seen my Ottawa Roughriders and Renegades LOSE their teams twice I can tell you that we are going to also be in a situation where we might lose our team--

Home opener we have about 23,000 fans--

The Canucks have taken over all rationale minds in the city and everyone supports the Canucks. The Whitecaps are in MLS now and are building a good fan base--- Now there is more competition for people to watch--

If you cut every single player from BC I honestly think that maybe less than 5 players would draw interest from other CFL teams--

We are witnessing the END RESULT of an organization with a careless owner DAVID BRALEY- THis is like a HOBBY for BRALEY - He couldnt care less about the LIONS which is why he quickly stated that WALLY was the coach last season after the horrendous start- Well we are back at the winless starts and being clearly outplayed, out schemed, out tackled, out hustled-

We pay over $40 to $60 for tickets to watch a team that is very sloppy and not good at all--

The only way BRALEY will understand what is going on if fans decide to boycott a home game so the team loses gate revenue-
IN a sense many die hard fans dont even go anymore because they are sick of Wally Buono--

Because this is the CFL there is NO accountability at all-- FIND ME a coach who BLAMES players during halftime?

We are expected to TRUST WALLY as he has won 5 million games in his career- I am sorry I cannot support a coach who doesnet even know the score late in games or what down it is and in the past 5 years has made BIZARRE decisions that make no sense- Perhaps he is GAMBLING on the games? Its a definite possibility as it would make sense with all the SPREAD CHANGING decisions late in the games--

We as fans need to come together and BOYCOTT home games and then we will have real football people in town here running our team.

Its simple- Fire WALLY and CHAPDELAINE or we boycott

…boycotting will lose you a team…better to wear a paper bag on your head, that way you get on TV too…

which leaves you safe from canuck mania.

Talking of boycotting games is simply the most assinine reponse to losing in the world of sports. Well, except for rioting.

Just be patient, The Lions are young and an up incomer. not supporting your team is the Worst thing to do to a young team.

We have no choice to boycott the home games as our OWNER has stated WALLY is coach for LIFE--

Wally isnt going anywhere if we dont force them to can him early---

"Perhaps he [Wally Buono] is GAMBLING on the games? Its a definite possibility as it would make sense with all the SPREAD CHANGING decisions late in the games--" by Gridiron Guru

That is a totally uncalled for stupid remark and I hope your post gets removed for you having made it. I find your comment vulgar! It's one thing to criticize Wally Buono's coaching decisions. It's quite a different thing to attack him personally by suggesting that he is betting against his own team and fixing the games. I would be very careful lest you find yourself facing some serious charges of libel. You might want to voluntarily request that the forum administrator remove your post before you find yourself facing some serious trouble my friend.

Uhhh, that's not how that works. Did it work for the Atlanta Thrashers? No? Well, glory be....

The only home game so far was a nail-biter and could have gone either way. Not enough for me to boycott football, sorry dude. Go talk to Ti-Cats fans about the 2002-2008 seasons and you'll know what misery is.

Hey Gridiron , you are already boycotting games , you said so yourself that you didn't renew your tickets. I don't want fairweather fans there anyway.

The problem with people like "gridiron Guru" is that they have no idea what they are talking about, but can't shut up. Anger and stupid accusations in every direction after an 0-3 start. What a child. Go ahead, boycott...I imagine the people in nearby seats won't miss sitting next to the world's worst fan.

The lions are better than they played last night, and every team throws out a stinker from time to time, and Wally may or may not be losing his touch with the game, but who are you going to replace him with? Is there honestly any better coach available for the job?

Boycotting games to make a statement is the most idiotic thing you can do. If you don't want to go because you're indifferent to the team, that's one thing (and there are plenty of those). But deliberatately staying away to prove a point can have dire consequences for a franchise. Unfortunately, poor attendance is infectious and doesn't turn itself around overnight (or when the desired effect is realized - i.e. new coach). It can sometimes take years to get fans back.

If we clean house during the season, who do you think is going to come here and be the saviour? I guarantee this is Buono's final year coaching, win or lose (but will probably want to stay on as GM). I would like the club to purge itself of Wally as coach and his assistants in the off-season and hire a fresh thinker like Dave Dickenson.

Your obviously not a fan of football, even when my team is the basement I still will go to games I’m not a lion fan but I go to every game in vancouver not for the lions but to support the league and I love the game.

The CFL is a business, pure and simple. It is in the business of entertaining. The players strut out onto the field and do their best to entertain with their skills. No different than a good play with a climax or symphony piece that builds into a crescendo, Canadian Football culminates with the Grey Cup.

While I'd love to see the Lions win every game, I do not feel cheated or robbed when they lose a game for if the game has been hard fought and not tainted by referee bad calls I am entertained. I've cheered when I've seen an Eskimo or an Alouette or a Stamper execute a brilliant play. There are times when it is not a question of finding fault but rather times when certain players have simply been outplayed or faked out of their jock straps. Kudos to the opponent who masterfully did that. That's entertainment!

I am not the franchise. I do not own the B.C. Lions. The B.C. Lions is not "my" team but I certainly am a B.C.Lions fan and always will be. One of my favorite players was Jason Cleremont. Though he plays for Saskatchewan now I still love watching him play, even when he's up against the Lions.

I get so much more enjoyment when I can appreciate the quality entertaining plays executed by both teams on the field. This doesn't mean I am cheering for the opposition. I just want to be entertained but of course to see the Lions coming out ahead.

"Boycott Lions home games 'or' we will lose the team" That should say boycott Lions "and" we will lose the team!.... for sure. There are some "spectators" who are disenchanted enough to boycott the Lions home games. That's their prerogative since they are paying for the price of admission. That is their loss not mine. Everyone likes a winner but not everyone is a "fan". Spectators are the ones who boo when the home team is falling apart. Spectators boo their own QB or field goal kicker when he messes up. Spectators are the ones who go with the mind set that they will only go if the home team is guaranteed to win. I don't see these individuals boycotting the home team. I see them doing a favor [for the actual fans] by not showing up.

I've seen a lot of stupid stuff posted but this just moved into top spot.

Its funny that you say its the stupidest thing posted. Let me ask you a question and can you please give me a reasonable response--

What if any owner in PRO sports has said to their coach, you are MY COACH FOR LIFE---

Any responsible owner does not do that, he assesses from season to season. You cannot employ a COACH for life its really simple-

Braley is one of the most careless owners in PRO sports, he owns 2 teams in the same league, if thats not a joke i dont know what is--

So answer me- Why has no other owner in any other PRO sports guaranteed a COACH TO COACH FOR LIFE ?

Can you suggest somebody who can do the job better? I don't know of anybody. Also, how many other coaches have only ever had 1 losing season in about 2 decades?
David Braley is one of the best things to ever happen to the CFL. Anybody who says differently is beyond foolish.

Come on man if it wasn't for David Braley there would be no Lions. David Braley has done wonders for the league and I'd like to say the Dallas Cowboys had a coach named Tom Landry for about 20 years which is a hell of a lot longer then we have had Wally. Wally has made some good decisions and some bad ones but if your fire him who are you going to get to replace him? Don Matthews. Just suck it up for one season because there are going to be changes at the end and in the CFL if you boycott a team there is a huge chance you will lose your team for good

What other owner in pro sports cares so much about a league that he is willing to lose money on two teams.

the only thing close to a joke is that the cfl can't find another owner for either of the teams. Oh, and you too as well.

Gridiron Guru… judging by the 13 or 14 negative responses you received from your posts (100% of the replies) you may want to re-think your position. Do you believe that you are right and EVERY ONE ELSE is wrong?

And I heard on the radio that Braley said he won’t make coaching changes right now. Does that sound like Wally is “coach for life” to you? The simple fact is, there is no one better. No one. The team need to suck it up and play to their potential. Coaching doesn’t make you miss game winning field goal attempts, drop passes, and throw momentum-crushing interceptions.

The coaching staff is not helping much, but who is better?

Besides, the riders suck worse than the lions, by a mile.

Braley is a dedicated but generally hands-off owner of his teams as it should be. He is Canada's biggest CFL fan and has saved the Ti-cats, Lions and Argo's from ownership disasters. To criticize him as "careless" has to be the most singular uninformed comment I've ever read on this forum.

And Rider fans would NEVER, not even for a moment, suggest that they boycott their team. They get angry, they rant and they do some stupid ass things, but they support their team. They are angry right now, but that's because they love their team so much. They love their team enough to stick with it, despite how bad the season can be and despite losing the Grey Cup on a dumb penalty. I love the Lions and I love the CFL and true fans are what keeps this league alive. It's not the end of the world if we don't win - as someone else pointed out, it's about being entertained. Sure, the ultimate goal is for the team to win the Grey Cup, but that's not the goal of the fan. The goal of the fan is to support their team, win or lose, so that the team wants to please their fans and do the best for them.