2 great weekends of football. Except for the burp against BC, the BB’s could be 5 for 5. 4 out of the last 5 isn’t too shabby ! So, where are the boycotters? Haven’t heard anything from the naysayers. Do you still want Kelly’s head on a platter? You know who you are, but where are you? Just curious!

Unfortunately the boycotters are alive and well as shown in the stands. They've shut up on the forums but the stands are hurting.

Kelly came off as arrogant when he came in, but I actually saw it more as "confidence" and really dry humour. That "lazy a*****" comment to the press was taken way out of proportion. Had he been a 3 yr head coach at that time they all would have laughed it off - instead it got blown up as a "know it all" comment. IT WAS A JOKE! Just badly placed :smiley:

He's made great changes on this team, and I like our future a lot more now than I did last year. His record may end the same as last years - but he's doing it with a completely rebuilt team, not a team of vets like Berry had.

In the past 6 weeks (hmmm - during the winnning games) he has apologized to the people publically, he has admitted to mistakes, and he has softened his entire approach with media and fans. There is no question the players like playing for him - that is showing through on the field. It's time now for the "Arrogant Fans" to cut him a little slack and accept his apologies. One thing he does not have to apologize for is the changes he's made on the field - They've been, for the most part positive! (asteric beside the QB position, but man - yesterday Bish was great!)

Unfortunately the "know it all boycotters" don't even realize they are more arrogant than Kelly at this point! Even now, they can't admit the guys actually doing a pretty good job and has built a pretty good team for the future.

Excellent post, Budeborton! I didn't expect any would answer me. I like Kelly's humour. ie, He was called a moron for using the term"rocket surgeon". I use it myself. Some people laugh and some stare at me in bewilderment, others don't catch it at all. It's a "Rickyism". If you know what I mean. Kelly's a target, but very few will be there to apologize or admit their mistakes. He's there to take the abuse away from his players and to motivate them. Two things a good coach should do, and he's pretty good at both!

We have always had trouble at the gate during cold weather games. Has nothing to do with boycotting. We only had 24000 for a playoff game against the riders a few years ago and didn’t come close to selling out in last years game against EDM. We have to many fair weather fans. I hope the Hamilton game is sold out, but I doubt it.

Many fans at this point really don't care if the Bombers win or lose. Before the fans return to the stadium they want Hildahl, Bauer, and Kelly removed. The whole unfortunate part of this issue is the Bombers are going to take a big financial hit to get the message across. I really don't think Kelly can do anything at this point to get the fans back. Even win a cup. He may not have lost the team. But he has lost the fans. Remember Kelly is the one who insulted the fans in public and in print. Kelly thinks that it is his way or no way. Well the fans have responded in kind. Dan you should not be commenting on the boycotters. You have never paid to attend a Blue Bomber game. Not like many of us who have had to pay and put up with Kellys s#%t. It's fine for you to sit in front of your tube and watch a game for free. But please do not call us down for paying for many years. Then staying away because of Kelly's antics.

Not to this extend.

From a Winnipeg outsider, this is what you get when people stop thinking for themselves. Here you are winning 4 of your last 5 games and the people are being lead basically by negative articles by dumb sports writers etc. On a 3 game win streak, lose 1 game and they wanted to run much of the team out of town. 1 short week later and they beat the #1 team in football. Its a shame they are missing it. People like that generally will go to their grave saying they were right.

I guess with mob rule, there is no rhyme or reason.

or theres fans like housedog who are completely negative no matter what

I couldn't have said it better myself


Bomber fans like me stuck with the team and faithfully attended games during the Reinbold years, the Ritchie years and even the terrible Berry period. As bad as these years were and as pathethic as it got for the Bombers, the stands were mostly full.

But when a conceited, know-it-all know-nothing Mike Kelly shows up and starts dissing the fans, saying things like he doesn't answer to them, they don't sign his paycheque, etc., that was the final straw for most fans. Sucking is one thing, but don't expect people to show up to support a team after sh*tting all over them.

I don't care if the 2009 Bombers beat Hamilton and squeak into the playoffs; I really don't.

If Mike Kelly suffers a stroke in his sleep or dies of Swine flu, that would be too good for him.
I hope he rots in hell and is sodomized for eternity by ex-football players :rockin:



And you think Mike Kelly has problems?
I can't begin to say on these forums what I think you are after reading that!

Wow. This isn't a suicide bomber or a serial rapist you're talking about, it's a football coach with a controversial reputation and a 7-9 record. A little perspective might be in order.

I hedged my bets on Kelly to begin with, and watched papazoola and housedog recite the pros and cons at each other. Like a lot of fans I reached a breaking point with his antics and was ready to write him off. However, if he actually cleans up his act and turns the team into a contender, I'm prepared to reconsider. If he can turn Bishop into a consistently good QB he'll have a major accomplishment on his hands.

I don't like the idea of boycotting CFL games because the Nifflers will jump on any perceived weakness in the Canadian game. Of course I can't put my money where my mouth is; I live 3500 km from Winnipeg.

Man, I just don't get this at all :roll: :roll: Hey it's your right to support the Bombers or not for what ever reason works for you... but wishing a coach to die and go to hell?!? It's a bloody football game! Go or don't go... the Bombers don't owe you anything.

It's an entertainment choice not life and death. Talk about being thin skinned. Kelly hurt your feelings as a Bomber fan and now you wish he would die? Boo hoo. Grow up man.

These are attendance figures from for Bomber games played in October:

2009 - 21,965 and 24,048 and 21,378
2008 - 27,268 and 24,595 (playoff game in November - 27,493)
2007 - 26,596 and 23,955 and 23,744 (playoff game in November - 22,843)
2006 - 30,092
2005 - 22,630 and 22,323 and 23,455

Were they boycotting Mike Kelly in 2005 and 2007 too?

This comparison with Riders average attendance was in the FP today:

A look at the attendance totals here in Winnipeg and in Saskatchewan dating back to 2001:

Year - Winnipeg - Sask.

2009 - 25,866 - 30,509
2008 - 27,151 - 29,992
2007 - 27,701 - 28,054
2006 - 26,993 - 25,293
2005 - 24,317 - 25,454
2004 - 24,496 - 24,783
2003 - 27,225 - 29,344
2002 - 27,562 - 24,226
2001 - 28,089 - 22,097

Avg. - 26,600 - 26,639

This team is still in danger of not making the playoff. I would not be shooting my mouth too quick... at 7-9 in ANY other pro league that dosen't get you a snif at post season.

Not true considering the Chargers made the NFL playoffs at 8-8 last season.

That's my point if they make it to 9-9 and get in ok but at this point they are 2 games below 500 and don't deserve a spot.

It’s more than likely that there will be 2 sub 500 teams making the playoffs this year, other than the Als & Argos, the remaining 6 teams are all within 2 wins of each other. This year was just very competitive for the bulk of the teams. To say a team hasn’t earned the right to be in the playoffs this year is just wrong.

All I am saying is the reason you can think of getting in the playoff with such a record is because it is the CFL and that's ok, it is not new from this year...But I don't think it is any reason to come out of a dark closet and start to question other fans...

The boycotters are boycotting "the man" not "the coach" this is not an on field performance related issue. It is how he related to how he treated people. I think he's wired that way, I think he's become more "aware" of the repercussions of speaking his mind because he's been much more reserved in his comments in the last month or so.

BTW: The Bombers are playing very well and are definitely a dark horse, they are the kind of team that can put it together on occasion and beat anybody so at least the team is back to where it was before Kelly took over. I will be very happy if the Bombers and Ticats can prevent a western team from crossing over :thup: and it looks like the East will giv us some exciting football in the post season.

But why do you think that low attendance equals a boycott because it doesn't. As I've shown this year's October attendance figures are not that different from attendance in October 2005 and 2007. IMO there is no mass boycott. The casual fan in Winnipeg is not going to the games for any number of reasons but IMO only a miniscule number are actually boycotting.