I am personally going to boycott the next 2 GCs


with no reason stated? I am sure a lot care.

Let me guess, you being from B.C. and the next two G.C games being in AB , its because of the pi$$ing match Alberta and BC are in right now over all things related to oil .

I imagine you say this in jest as you included a smiley in your post !

Perhaps it's less of a boycott and more refusing to pay the high gas prices on his drive to Alberta and back. If only there were a way to get more gas to the west coast....


I personally don't care.

Hell, I'm all for a boycott;p I promised myself I wouldn't watch any games until they got rid of all the coaches' challenges.

The Grey Cup game I watched on youtube yesterday doesn't count.

...saying you're boycotting the Alberta GCs and then watching them from your TV anyways is like protesting a seaside terminus for an oil pipeline from your plastic kayak...

Or like the guys lately, with their plastic reflective safety vests.

How about all boycotters just stay away, period.

Yea, well I am going to girlcott then FYB

...personcott, the correct term is personcott...

heh heh

yeah. I never go to any GCs anyhow :slight_smile:

But your multinational company is still coming?

Got it.

I will not go to any Grey Cup games in Hamilton until Hamilton hosts a Grey Cup game.

yup, buildings and all

actually, even if I was in the practice of going to GCs, I would probably avoid Alberta for a while because I would just get myself into trouble there. Wouldn't be able to keep my mouth shut.
Better to stay home and be friendly. :slight_smile:

I'm boycotting...

...because I can't afford to go.... :cry:

I'm not boycotting anything, and I'm definitely going to watch those games live, in high-def colour on my TV :smiley:

This is a just a dumb reason to boycott the GC game... in the usual Canadian fashion, this will be solved to no one's satisfaction. Its idiotic to boycott for this reason, as the GC is the one thing that brings this country (or provinces) together, our love of our brand of football. FYB has a history of this, as he once chose not to cheer for his team over the Jimenez controversy a few years back. So, maybe he should just boycott the CFL as a whole... (didn't he retire from here once already?)