I have had enough. I am personally boycotting this team until they win a game. Pathetic, pathetic, pathetic. What are we chumps? You can still love your team, but you don't have to be a blind monkey.

Join me in my boycott. No attending games, no watching the games, no 5th quarter. Why support garbage? We've been patient for too long and we don't deserve this. Boycott this team until we win!!

boohoo want some cheese with that wine?

I beat you to it; I suggest no one show up to game 6--hopefully that will get the point across that this is no longer acceptable.

Yes , yes, I couldn't agree with you more. I actually started my boycott 4 games ago. Only I've been here picking for something like a fool.

Thanks for 'smelling the turf'.

Good riddance. More tickets for REAL fans.

Paperbag night


Don't worry pal they'll be plenty of tickets for you and your family next game.

I agree ,l will not go to another game and l have 4 great tickets as long as Maas is starting the game.Enough of this crap!!!!

how about you boycott this site as well. No one needs you here

Go boycott yourself. We don't need you. Just remember to stay away when the good times start rolling.

look at all the little babies who cant handle seeing their team lose, so they got to get on line and whine and cry and make assinine threads, I mean threats.... oh what the hell, both work.

look at all the little babies who cant handle seeing their team lose, so they got to get on line and whine and cry and make assinine threads.
Because you know, your contributing so much of value to the discussion yourself.... :wink:

I don't think boycotting will do much, but paper bags? It's getting there.

The problem isn't that we can't take losing a game. Losing another entire season is just too much for most intelligent people.

You can say anything about me you wish, but DO NOT bring my family into it. Besides, I have season tickets. I work damn hard to afford them. get back under the bridge, troll.

I'm sorry to ruffle your feathers. Do you need some kleenex for those tears?

The team is garbage right now. Why are we going to keep paying? I was at the last game and I won't be at the next.

I couldn't agree with you guys more. Let's boycott all home games. The attendance will get smaller each week and then we join Ottawa. We'll show them. Sure let's help our team fold. Use your head you donkey. Quit complaining and go to the games. You'll be the first to cry when Bob Young pulls the plug on this team.

you keep paying so that someday the team will be better, or you can stop paying and Bob get fed up and the team is gone because why should anybody else step up to a losing proposition. duhh

The season is done.

There is no excuse for this garbage.

Troll? That's slander isn't it? Wow. I'm suggesting a demand for a win. I've been a fan since my first game at the age of three. I've followed the team in good times and bad. It's time to make a statement. It's important to say enough is enough. Win us a game or you won't get our money. How many seasons do we need to be the laughing stocks of the CFL? It's sad. I will be under the Burlington street bridge with my other troll friends until we win at least one game. That is all I ask.