Boycott? What boycott???

Tickets passed 24K yesterday...over a grand more than the day before...

Seeing as sales generally increase as the game approaches...with 4 days to go...should be a good crowd on Sunday!

Sanjay, Housedog...better get your tickets soon, fellas!

They're never was a boycott , and they are not giving tickets away to corporations like housedog is trying to say.
He has no proof but is trying to save face now that his Boycott attempt failed.

I knew there was no boycott, as soon as we had over 24,000 at the BC game...had we won that game (as we should have), there would have been a good crowd at the Als game too...

The typical 'fair-weather-fan', in my opinion doesn't really care who the coach is, so much as if the team is playing well...

First off why would any team give tickets to corporations when corporations can buy them, give them away and claim them as an expense. Second, the only time the Bombers would give away tickets would be well after kick-off because there is always a large group of walk-up ticket buyers who arrive shortly before game time.

Exactly...but we have no idea as to the going's on inside Housedog's mind...

Reminds me of a picture I saw of a typical Bomber boycotter's head:

The Bombers have released an update total and more than 25,000 tickets have been sold.

You know this is a two edged sword... If the Bombers win it may start an upturn for the Bombers in terms of attendance and marketing but if they lose it could also come crashing hard with a big hit in season ticket sales next year...

The reason I mention it is that after the Banjo bowl, losing badly this weekend will is not an option...

Fantastic news!!!

When did MK go in for a head X-ray? It's not serious is it?

I thought Ticat fans could read? Guess not.

Hmmm bald, small brain, recessed chin. You sure it isn't Mike ?


....No it ain't Mike.....and i know it doesn't fit the description of Trestman either who is kinda ferreting looking.....usually wears a cap to cover the thinning hair...dark rimmed glasses.... oh wait a minute...I fotgot that wouldn't show up on an mri....I wonder who it could be....hmmmmmmm it might be Trestman :roll:

You know what the late great George Carlin use to say about men with recessed chins...

Come on Papa ! I know your a closet Trestman fan :thup:

Was that MRI of MIke after or before the Rocket Surgery ? LOL!

So we have a bald , a thining and graft recipient....then there is Marcel... LOL

....i swear if 'count chokula' doesn't get something better than that half-rug he's wearing for next year...the kids in argoland are going to be turned right off of that club....he's just not capturing the moment for the little guys....and hence there goes the future...


....Is it game time yet... :lol:

Update: As of 5:00 p.m. Friday the number of tickets sold is 27,007.

....should be close to a sell-out for the blue-out :thup: :thup: :thup: :thup: goBIGBLUE :rockin:

The amazing powers of HFxTC - take any positive news in Bomberland and somehow turn it into a negative! So now a big crowd is bad news for the bombers :roll: :smiley: