Boycott Toronto Grey Cups

So what do we have to do? The moment the Argos anounce a new owner and old stadium it's automatically assumed they get the 2016 cup? WTF?

We don’t even know if Hamilton has applied to hold a Grey Cup. I think you are only awarded a GC if you put a bid in for one.

So the new ownership of the Argos has a bid in thats all but accepted?

Selling more tickets (at full price) next time the game is in Hamilton wouldn't hurt.

When Braley had to come in and rescue the bankrupt Arblows in 2010, there was an agreement with the league that TOR would get first refusal for one of the 2016,2017 or the 2018 Grey Cup. That agreement stays with the franchise when he sells the team. ... nauts.html

"As part of his agreement to save the Argonauts from bankruptcy in 2010, Braley secured right of first refusal to one of the 2016, 2017 or 2018 Grey Cups. When it comes, it will take place at BMO."

There is no way Hamilton could bid for and be ready to host the 2016 Grey Cup in 18 months!
The City just got control of the Stadium last week, It will be 2018 at the earliest

So just because it didn't sell out at full price should not preclude a Grey Cup in a brand new stadium in Hamilton.

I would imagine it difficult to bid when you don't have a completed stadium. No wait...... Toronto seems to be able to do it..... if there was this backroom deal... let it be 2018 and not before.

What did Bob Young get from the CFL for saving the Cats?

This isn't just a CFL issue. The economics to the business community here is what also gets screwed. This city needs to go after a Grey Cup before TO gets another one. Let them wait until we're done. I'm getting tired of all the money in this province going to Toronto and its suburbs.

Don't get me wrong, I want the Argos to survive.

For some reason the league thinks it cant survive without the Arholes and there 70 fans

So are you just being ignorant on purpose then?

It is pretty clear the league would have weighed giving others a Grey Cup (whether that would be Hamilton or not) and moving back to an 8 team league. As much as I want a Grey Cup in Hamilton, that is an easy choice to make.

You want the Argos to survive, but, not to have a Grey Cup, which sounds like was a requirement of the new owners, therefore if they don't get one no new owners and a good chance this team fold after 2 more lame duck season at the Rogers Centre.

You would be doing a disservice to the CFL not to support a Grey Cup.

I don't really want to imagine a CFL made of 8 teams and one not being in Toronto.

The TiCats are going to win the 2016 Grey Cup in TOR !!!

and people want to boycott it.

Came here to post that lol.

OP should put a * in his thread title :lol:

Feel free to boycott the Grey Cup. Your loss. Grey Cup, wherever it is, is always an experience and one helluva party.

Wow...some very short-sighted and uninformed comments/whining here about the Blue team getting a Grey Cup right away.
David Braley has lost millions keeping the team afloat when no-one else wanted to buy them. He has delivered the team to new ownership along with a Grey Cup game and a stadium.
All this serves the CFL very well. Hamilton will likely get the Grey Cup in five years.
Grover is right. We need to be in every one of those games until then....and sell out THF every game. That is the best gift Bob Young can receive until a Grey Cup game in Hamilton.

Since 1972 Hamilton hosts one cup. Toronto 10. We’ve got a new stadium prospering franchaise and a hungry crowd. How is having it in Toronto helping anyone but the Argos pockets? All your well meaning intentions don’t add up to shit. The Argos got plenty of cups when they were doing well too. It’s our turn!!!

I agree. It isn't anybody's "turn". The CFL should put it where they think it will do the league the most good. That assessment should include consideration of where it will do most to help a team that needs the help. The Argos need it more than the Ticats do. I guess that's the downside of having a good owner and management in Hamilton.

It will come to Hamilton in good time. When it does, I hope the city is able to host it more effectively than it did the last time it was held in Hamilton. I'm sure that will be the case.


plus the other point Grover made which is that the league made a deal with Mr. Braley when he saved the Argos. A deal is a deal.

As a guaranteed money maker, it looks like the GC game was one of the perks the league needed to throw in to sweeten the deal for MLSE and Tannenbaum. Let's face it, the deal needed to get done. The team was on life-support under Braley. Braley has lost millions keeping the team afloat and if awarding the GC game to TO helped him market the team, that's okay in my book.

I'm sure Hamilton will get it's GC game now that the new stadium is a reality and the team is strong and competitive.

An Argo-Cat fan

MLSE have the power to swing the Board to award 2016 I bet ya , Politcs for HOG TOWN

Then we shouldnt have had it in Winnipegs new stadium then. In fact why not have it in Toronto every year until they're doing better?

Again people, the deal for hosting the Grey Cup is carried forward from a 2010 agreement with the League.
This is not some underhanded, under the table, palm greasing deal, out to screw the TiCats and Hamilton,
that agreement goes with the team when the team is sold. ... nauts.html

"As part of his agreement to save the Argonauts from bankruptcy in 2010, Braley secured right of first refusal to one of the 2016, 2017 or 2018 Grey Cups. When it comes, it will take place at BMO."

And how many GCs have there been at Braley's OTHER stadium since he has owned the Lions? You conveniently forget that. Sure, "a deal is a deal", but that "deal" sure looks like Braley's palm is getting greased by a team he no longer owns. Nothing you can say will convince me otherwise, unless there is new information that has yet to be made public. Too bad I can't demand an audit of BOTH his teams and their dealings...