Boycott the NFL in Canada

CFL fans should boycott the NFL in Canada. This Sunday football fans should turn the dials and refuse to go through the Roger's Center turnstiles. I am a huge Bills fan, however, only when they play in Buffalo. There should be a community of CFL supporters that refuse to partake in the NFL in Canada at any level. Whether it's not watching the game or simply telling friends...we should be vocal. There is a reason Bob Young and his Team refused to get into bed with the Bills in Toronto.

Although Roger's has Sportsnet and CityTv to peddle it's product to the uninformed fan, on Sunday say no to the NFL in Canada, watch another game. Refuse to let the CFL be swallowed by they hype of the No Fun League.

Or, as a football fan you could support both... not trying to make a statement about either or but because the CFL is over for the year and football is local.

as a 49ers fan i went to the Bills/49ers game last week... and as a football fan im going to the game on Sunday, really I cant wait.

Crash, you better at least wear something with the Cats or CFL on it or else we are going to lynchpin you, you do understand this I presume? :twisted:

Your preaching to the choir with me. I haven't watched an NFL game since I fell asleep watching the 1984 Super Bowl.

Or, we can hope that people that the thousands of people who've never been to a live football game before and have chosen tomorrow's Bills/Fins game as their first one ever leave the Skydome happy, and decide that they now love live football and want to see more, and decide to become Ti-Cats or Argos season ticket holders!!

Hey roar, you've been listening to the latest that's spewing from Paul Godfrey's mouth, now haven't you, admit it, come on now. :wink: