Boycott the FAN 590 Radio Station

I realize I'm preaching to the choir here, but in the interests of a non-stadium thread and something relevant to the CFL I'm asking everyone to stop listening to the FAN 590.

Here's why:

There is obviously an anti-CFL regime in place now at the FAN. Mike Hogan was fired and replaced with Andrew Krystal who is not a fan of our league.

Yesterday, Krystal went on a rant about CFL pass completions. I did a quick check: CFL vs NFL pass completion stats are virtually identical.

Yesterday, noon hour host, Greg Brady (yes that is his real name) went on a rant about attendance. Only 39K went to the Bills game last Thursday and we all know most of those bums in the seats were freebies.

If the NFL was a superior product then there would be no need to run down the competition. The obvious reality is the Rogers Corp grossly overpaid for a handful of Bills games, are losing their shirts, and now trying to drum up business by running down a Canadian instiution.

Shame on you Rogers Corp, Andrew Krystal, Greg Brady (and your sister Marcia). You are selling out your Canadian identity to the almighty American dollar and losing.

Krystal also thinks MLB games take longer than other major sports, of course the facts prove him wrong. He called a 'caller' a monkey today so his days on Toronto radio are few and the return of Mike Hogan is greatly anticipated by sports radio listeners.

The station has completely changed over the last few months, and it really has been for the worst. Krystal is horrible and really annoying to listen to. He has a winy voice and is never wrong, and he will make sure you know it. It would be nice to see Hogan get that spot back but I cant see that happening.

As for Brady I have only heard him a few times but he seems ok. He had Bruce on the show last week and sounded pretty happy too talk to him. Both of these guys are going to give you a ton of nhl and mlb though because that's whats popular...

[quote="Makaveli"]Krystal is horrible and really annoying to listen to. He has a winy voice and is never wrong, and he will make sure you know it.

8) Sounds like you are describing Mike Wilner there, to a tee. :wink: :twisted:

At least Mike Wilner knows what he's talking about. Krystal is grasping at straws, looking for any inflammatory topic to generate phone calls. The 18-24 male demographic might be listening right now but their attention span is fleeting.

I don't care to listen to any of that Toronto Sports crap. Something like listening to that idiot Jim Rome. Give me a break who cares about jock straps and over paid arrogant sports figures. That's why I like the CFL - it is still real.

I only listen to the radio when driving. . . and I used to listen frequently to the Fan590. . . but not anymore, for the reasons as noted above in this thread, with which I wholly concur. Thank heavens for Jazz FM91.

I listened to the FAN for years way back when they were the FAN 1430 I believe. I've stuck with them all through their changes and was surprised to hear about the last set of changes but shrugged it off and gave it a chance as I've been doing all those previous years.

I've stoppped listening ot the FAN after many, many years. I don't like the changes at all.

I find it's too much Blue Jays and not enough CFL, and too much anti CFL.

I like the JAYS and all, but it sounds like nothing but a huge infomercial for ROGERS, promoting the JAYS, and I can't help seeing the anti-CFL stance as being nothing more than an attempt to discredit/kill the CFL and promote their BILLS fiasco and NFL dreams.

:thdn: :thdn:

Worst case scenario, if the Cats leave, I'll probabaly get ARGOS seasons tickets to get my CFL fix and take a few Ottawa trips a year.

Krystal lost me when he did the Sam Merulla monolog. (I still have no clue why Merulla was even invited to be on the show... it's not as if he could get a word in edge wise.) But, the nail in the coffin for me was when he opened his show one day with a tasteless Hamilton joke (a slam on Hamilton women.) The man has absolutely no class. I emailed him and he responded with an arrogant "yawn". I'm done with the FAN. But here's an idea.... an email campaign to the advertisers on the Krystal show. Maybe if the advertisers start pulling ads.... the Fan will pull Krystal.

Krystal is a JOKE !!!!!!!!!!!! and so is Brady !!!!!!!!!!

I miss Hogie !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The station was always bad, being anti CFL and Argos.
But now it is not listenable and I have refused and will not.
Plus, the Argo games are rarely on live radio and are bumped for the Crap Jays and even the pre and post game shows.
It is time for the new Argo regime to go to another station and one that will devote full time coverage of games and promote the product.

Haven't listened to FAN since hockey/basketball ended - no reason to, since I don't care about Tiger's marital problems.

Stephen Brunt is usually the main reason to listen for me - one of a handful of journalists I am perfectly comfortable letting do all of my thinking for me in his area of expertise. Is he still on the McClown show?

Of course a Rogers product has to crap on the CFL, heck, a CFL team in a small province like Saskatchewan makes more money than the mighty "major league" MLB Blue Jays in the big time city of Toronto. Ouch eh Rogers. :lol:

i like brunt too and know he's away for the summer. i hope they didn't turf him too. haven't really listened to bob lately but they've messed with the times. he starts at 3:00 and is over at 6:00. then sometimes they'll replay stuff at 6:00 (i think??).

I can't listen to the FAN anymore. Anti-CFL to be sure and even anti-Argo and they carry the games.

An Argo-Cat fan

I listen to the McCown show and I think it is surprisingly pro-CFL. Brunt, McCown and others will point out the flaws in the CFL (officiating, ownership issues, etc.) but IMO that is just honest journalism.

They regularly have CFL HC's, GM's, owners and Cohon on to talk about the CFL and always treat them with respect.

And Andrew Krystal was a pretty good talk show host out in Halifax. He was opinionated and talked over his guests regularly but more than once I heard him ask the Mayor of Halifax why there wasn't a stadium in Halifax and how he (Krystal) thought a CFL team was a good idea for Halifax and that he thought the CFL would thrive in Halifax.

I think the suits over at 590 asked him to crank his shtick up to eleven and he's just earning his paycheck.

Why is the fan infested with such pompous arrogant morons?
I can't stand Krystal and that was after a day of listening to his garbage.

The fan 590 sucks.

I haven't listened to the FAN for probably 7-8 years now. Every time I would turn it on they were talking about some American team, coach, player etc. Rarely were they talking about anything Canadian.I just didn't get it. Typical Toronto though. Most of us know they lack their own identity. Anyway I figured the FAN stood for " For American News " so to be honest until this thread I forgot they were still around.

Ockham wrote:

               "Shame on you Rogers Corp, Andrew Krystal, Greg Brady (and your sister Marcia). You are selling out your Canadian identity to the almighty American dollar and losing."

ockham:    I think Greg Brady is an American. I have not heard any anti-Canadian stuff from him. He is a pretty sharp fella and adds a lot of spark to sports talk radio.

Krystal is a jackass.
And I agree that McCown, even though he is full of himself and acts like a spoiled brat, does provide some good CFL coverage. Steven Brunt is a Hamilton boy and very insightful.
Rogers as a company deserves to be pilloried for their anti-CFL business stance . I hope they lose their shirts on the Bills games and never get involved with the NFL again.
I don't think you have made a case against the Fan being anti-CFL so your boycott campaign is a bit misplaced. Especially when they also carry the Argo games.

I'm convinced this anti-CFL thing is a direct response to Roger's Bills purchase failing and costing them a lot of dough. Krystal was a strong proponent of Canada and our unique identity apart from our southern neighbours while on MoJo. His job offer to come back to Toronto was probably contingent on promoting an anti-CFL angle. He doesn't know sports so his topics are Michael Lansburgish "Should athletes be role models". If they are going after the 18-24 year old male audience expect a comparison of NFL cheerleaders or which beer company's bikini models are hotter. Shock jocks don't last in this market so unless he convinces Argo fans to switch to the Bills quickly I say his days are numbered.

8) Problem with the Argos finding another station is that NO other station wants them !!
 No other Toronto stations even bothered bidding for the rights to broadcast their games this year.  

 The Argos had to come up with a sweetheart deal, for the Fan590, to even take their contract, and that deal wasn't

 even reached until about 2 weeks before the season started this year !!     <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->