You're could be right Earl. I found this article ... CP24Sports which quotes Paul Godfrey a couple times. It's not much of a stretch to interpret his comments as you say. Certainly, even the project did start out being about the Argos, by the time it was finished, it was more about the Jays, not totally, though, since the stadium was designed to be configurable for football.

I still think it would have been ironic if the Argos had been squeezed out of the project by the time it was done. I also don't think they would have been able to convince the public to build two stadiums at once, one for football and one for baseball.

I've only been to the Rogers Centre twice in my life and dis-liked the place both times so I had no plans of ever returning anyways.

earl wrote:

        "mike, I do think that when Ralph Wilson passes on and if Rogers is serious about buying the Bills, they will basically have to sellout on the Jays to the NFL and tell them they are spending huge bucks to reno the stadium and make it NFL'ish."

earl:   I'd say this scenario with Rogers is way off the radar. 

Roger Goodell has given NO indication that he will consider it. There have been reports in the media over the past few months about political pressure to keep the Bills in Buffalo...and I'll bet there are dozens of investors in the US who have the money to buy the Bills and either keep them in Buffalo or move them to another US city.
Rogers to me is nothing more than a bit player in any future plans for the Bill's. Thank goodness. Look how they have been hosing the fans here with the exhibition games.
And what can Toronto offer the NFL opposed to a US city? Why would the NFL want one team in another country?

The Jays are the main tenant. The issue is with Major League Baseball, not Rogers.
Carry on.

Thanks PicAt for that article, hadn't seen it.

Agree 62. Yea Crash, true enough.

I have already boycotted Rogers:


If I was in a geographical area only served by Rogers Cable, I would go so far as getting a Bell satellite dish to avoid them. This says a lot as I really don't care for Ma Bell either. :thdn:

I haven't followed MLB much since the last strike/lockout. It's hard to cheer for guys who make more in a year than I will in a lifetime. While this also includes the No Fun League and the Not our Hockey League (any more!), I still will watch the occasional NFL game. The only time I watch hockey is either the World Juniors, the Olympics, or the World Championships. (The NHL just doesn't appeal to me much).

Just for the record, it isn't the MLB schedule that dictated this move. It is the Rogers Empire that along with MLB places a higher priority to concerts, trade shows, and monster truck events than the CFL. So my point is if that's how they regard us we should treat them the same.

That being said, as we're 7-0-1 against the Als on Labour Day...Bring them on!

It looks like we have a tradition of not being beaten by the Als on Labour Day! Let the tradition continue!

Rogers lost me years ago with their Phil Lind talking like the CFL was below him. Fortunately I've only been to one Blue Jay game since Rogers bought the team and now that I know about them, I'll never attend a Blue Jay game again unless it's totally free and free everything included. But I'm happy to spend money going to a CFL game there any time or CIS game. NFL at the RC, has to be again totally free in all respects and then if I did go, I'd wear my Ticats stuff. :wink:

This is what's painful for me. Switching cell phones and cable was easy, but I really like the Blue Jays team especially since the new GM took over.

STOP YOUR WHINING :roll: Wait till the BIG RENO starts that's when we really lose our home field advantage ! hey giving it to the Als will be sweet ..... a new twist! :rockin: Bob can have some cool promotions for this game ??? :rockin:

I here you bro'. The Jays are out to do some damage this year. They are maybe one or two players away from being a contender. I guess we can hope that Rogers might get tired of them and sell them to someone else (hopefully not MLSE though). lol

I hear you guys, I'd love to be a Jays fan again but Phil Lind needs to start saying the right things about the CFL or fu___ Rogers and the Blue Jays in terms of getting a dime out of me.

What can Toronto offer the NFL anyway opposed to a US city?????
A lot more than any US region right now. For a start one of the biggest Metro areas in North American - close to 8 Million People live within a 45 minute drive to downtown Toronto. A higher income level than any US city of equivalent size, a huge potential in advertising revenue, a huge interest in NFL football in southern Ontario, twice as many Canadians have season tickets to the Bills than they do to the Argos and Ticats combined. People in Southern Ontario love their NFL football. The Super Bowl ratings in Southern Ontario were enormous and bigger than the Grey Cup or the Stanley Cup finals and were the same as the US/Canada hockey final at the Winter Games.

The Cats have 14,000 season ticket holders. And the Argos about 10,000. Are you saying the 15,000 or so Canadians at Bills games all have season tickets? Toronto won't be getting an NFL team as long as Buffalo has a team as Buffalo IS Toronto, it's the Buffalo-Toronto area regional NFL team and Buffalo has the better stadium for football. Does the NFL wish Toronto had the NFL team and Buffalo the MLB team? Of course, Toronto is bigger, more money. But that's not the way it is.

Owen’s duties including continuing the regionalization path the Bills have carved, centering on the series that sees the team in the middle of a five-year pact with Rogers Communications to play a series of games in Toronto’s Rogers Centre. The Bills have played four of the eight games they committed to Toronto.

[url=] ... to-vp.html[/url]

And "love their NFL football"? What's that mean 'their'? I'm a CFL fan here and I love the NFL as well. It's not an 'us' vs 'them' thing here. It's all 'ours', CFL, NFL etc. And the SB in Canada should be outdrawing in ratings double what the CFL gets with all the American media hype and all the teams. But guess what. The SB doesn't double nearly what the Grey Cup gets and plays in the dead of winter when people are cooped up in their houses. In fact I think the SB only gets about a million more viewers than the Grey Cup in Canada. But combine both the SB and GC and that's one kickass football audience I'd say. You see, it's all football afterall, 'ours' 'theirs' whatever you want to call it. And no matter what, there isn't an NFL team in Canada, no teams, nada. It has no cultural aspect in Canada from people being 'community'' at games other than the few Bills games in Toronto. Community I feel at IWS for every Cat game I go to and actually sit beside people watching Cat fans, live. The NFL in Canada will generally be what is known as virtual, again other than those Bills games in Toronto. And virtual ain't the real thing.


[i]"Despite the news, Kelly isn’t worried. His confidence is bolstered not only by the financial wherewithal of his potential ownership group, but also by NFL commissioner Roger Goodell. Kelly believes Goodell, who grew up near Jamestown, will not allow the Bills to leave western New York.

“I know people think otherwise, but Goodell does care about that stuff,’’ he (Kelly) said. “He’s not going to allow that to happen on his watch. He is a class act and I think he’s going to be around a long time as commissioner, and that’s good news for the Bills.’’[/i]

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There is one thing I would like to see this year if it comes to pass. Hopefully, there will be an NFL strike/lockout next season. With no NFL games scheduled during the Grey Cup, I would be interested in seeing what the ratings would be when the Grey Cup finally has what the Super Bowl always has; no competition. That plus getting the game on public airways instead of just a on a cable network. The numbers might be interesting.

So what you are saying is that when the Grey Cup is on there are a lot of people watching NFL games, therefore they are making a choice to watch NFL football when the Grey Cup is on?
and if there is no NFL football in November there will be huge Grey Cup ratings because the NFL fans will tune to the Grey Cup?
and the reason why that Super Bowl ratings are bigger than the Grey Cup ratings in Canada is that there is no other choice? I don't think that Canadians are forced to watch the Super Bowl they can watch hundreds of other channels on TV or switch if off.
Super Bowl ratings in Canada were higher than the Canada/US Olympic hockey game, I assume that Canadians watched the Canada/US game because there was "nothing else" on TV?

Maybe the reason why the Super Bowl ratings in Southern Ontario are huge is because a lot of people love the NFL? why is that so hard to believe? I don't get it!!! You don't want the NFL on TV, you want all the NFL fans to watch the CFL, you don't want the NFL in Toronto, you don't want competition.

The CFL ratings are huge, no one is denying that but what is ridiculous is the way that some people just get so upset and suffer some sort of denial when they learn that a lot of Canadians watch the NFL.

The Olympic gold medal game had an average audience of 16.6 million viewers, a total of 26.5 million, and a peak audience of 22 million Source Source

The Super Bowl game had an average audience of 6.9 million viewers, 17.3 million unique viewers, and a peak audience of 8.9 million viewers. Source

Maybe the reason why the Super Bowl ratings in Southern Ontario are huge is because a lot of people love the NFL?

So how does it factor in when I'm a huge CFL fan but during halftime of the Grey Cup and commercials I often switch to watching the NFL? Again mike, no offense, but saying a lot of people love the NFL isn't really telling me anything I don't already know. And despite that, the CFL continues to be in existence and is looking to get back into Ottawa and a team out East. So all this "loving the NFL" talk doesn't seem to be affecting the CFL much and that is perfectly understandable, it's been like this for a long time. And with all this "living the NFL" talk, TSN has shown a major commitment to the CFL. Also, I know a lot of people watching the SB are people who just go for the parties and the booze but don't really follow the NFL regularly at all. Again, quality of viewership is a factor.