The reason the Labour Day Classic won't feature our favourite team to dislike is the Evil Rogers Empire hates the CFL. They make the schedule for Skydome (I refuse to call it anything else) and obviously the blue team isn't a high priortiy for them. I suspect they deliberately schewed the booking schedule to make it impossible for the blue team to play in Hamilton on Labour Day. All CFL fans need to send this monopolistic empire a message. Treat them like they treat us. BOYCOTT. Cancel you cable, cell phones, anything they sell DON'T BUY.

I can't wait for TSN Radio.

If only someone else owned the Blue Jays.

If you're on Facebook:

Got a group up on FB to "Save the Labour Day Classic":

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I like the initiative, but do you really think they schedule will be changed? The blue team has to play a home game on the Friday.

I don't mind playing them on the Monday following. :smiley:

I cant believe they took our game away. Its the only one I dont miss, sitting in the stands having a few over priced pints and with all success the Cats beating the hell out of the Argos. Why would they take away the most profitable game away ? Montreal is a good team and its our year to dominate them but the game will be far from the Classic I look forward to every year. I think I will go fishing instead

I remember the 1990 LD game being against Ottawa. Can't remember the reason why.

Breaking a tradition isn't good and will hurt the Ticats profits on LD.

IIRC, the reason was Toronto wanted a home the weekend. Remember, they lose ticket revenue that weekend because they continue to play in Hamilton. While I love the labour day game, they should alternate each year.

How about supporting the club with a flex pack?

You have to be of a certain age (like me I suppose) to remember when hosting the Argos was not yet a consistent Labour Day tradition. Alternating would make sense. It is a bit pathetic if the viability of the Ticats depends on a good crowd for one game. I think there's room for some variation, like there used to be.

I don't like Rogers either and don't have their cell phone or internet. Unfortunately, the cable system in Canada means the providers divide up the country geographically and I'm stuck with them. I really dislike that kind of monopoly.

Earl, please don’t get personal towards a poster for sharing his/her opinion. Especially a new poster.

We should be welcoming any new comer by respectfully addressing their concerns whether we agree with them or not.

Pretty sure that MLB has first right of scheduling in all parks that it plays in that share their facilities. I think they pretty much tell the facilities what day they will be playing there and the park has to work around them for other functions. This even effects the mighty NFL. So really, not Rogers fault.

True enough Captain. Apologies Squid. :oops:

And yes Mat, if that's the case then ever more the reason why the NFL hates playing in baseball first stadiums, which the RC is.

After some sober second thought I agree with you Steve. Perhaps changing this game up a little will get more Hamiltonians to support the team rather than the event. I suspect there is a large continget that believes that going to a Tiger Cats game means only on Labour Day to cheer against a team from Toronto.

Plus, I read we are undefeated in eight LDCs against Montreal!

However, I'm still not ending my boycott of the Rogers Empire. Except for a few Blue Jays games each year, alas.

I think this has more to do with the declining attendance of the Argos at the Rogers Centre too. I am sure the owner has been trying to get a better deal for the Argos. As for the Jays, they may not have great attendance the past few years but they do generate a lot more money in ads and 15,000 to 20,000 X 42 home games is still a revenue generator. The Argos with 9 games X 20,000 - just not a priority.

8) If you hate Rogers so much, and want to boycott them, then you should also be boycotting the Jays, and not attending
 any of their games !!!

DONE :thdn:

Even the NFL or CFL at 50,000 or so a game for 8 or so games a season would take a backseat to MLB even if Rogers owned both. As I was reading, baseball stadiums make more sense to cities economically because of the number of games played in them. Football stadiums are hard sells with so few games.

What Toronto should have done was build a baseball only stadium which would have kept it's value more than the RC which plumetted hugely because it ended up being a multipurpose, not great at anything stadium. That was a big mistake. And it's not because I'm a baseball fan, I'm not much of one, but do see the logic with so many games why these stadiums make more sense.

and that is why most US cities with professional sport franchises have built seperate baseball stadiums. Back in the 70's,80's stadiums were multi-purpose. Now football and baseball are played in seperate stadiums, they just didn't work in the same stadium. The problem now is that Toronto is playing baseball and football in stadium designed for neither and no government or developer is going to come up with a plan to build a new separate football and baseball stadium.
The Rogers Centre could end up like the Big Owe in Montreal, a huge expensive magnificent building but unsuitable for professional sports.
The Argos would be best suited in a small stadium in the suburbs and the Jays would be best suited for a downtown baseball only "throw back" stadium similar to what was built in Cleveland, St Louis, and many other cities.
I think the future for the Rogers Centre would be a complete renovation for an NFL stadium. The future for the Argos is out in the suburbs.

I agree that mixed use stadiums don't work well when the two primary uses are baseball and Canadian or American football. It would have been ironic, though, if the Skydome had ended up being a baseball specific stadium, since it was particularly wet Grey Cup game, not a baseball game, that inspired the project that eventually gave us the Skydome.

I've heard that Picat that it was a wet Grey Cup game that inspired the project. I personally question the truthfulness of this statement that I've read many times. I have to think, because of the eventual design of the RC with the seating and how this was done that is much more conducive to baseball than the football configuration and sloping and angles, that it really was baseball that inspired it but that the people who started this project, and wasn't it Paul Godfrey involved in this who was never much of a CFL fan, but that they used the Grey Cup to sell the Canadiana aspect for taxpayers. But in my view, this was 90 percent about the Blue Jays. I think they were basically lying about the football aspect as a result. But look what they got, a stadium that is now mediocre even for the sport it was designed for. Mess up.

mike, I do think that when Ralph Wilson passes on and if Rogers is serious about buying the Bills, they will basically have to sellout on the Jays to the NFL and tell them they are spending huge bucks to reno the stadium and make it NFL'ish. But I don't see that happening, selling out on the Blue Jays for some 8 football games or so a year and destroying what baseball feel there is to the stadium now, which isn't a lot but way better than if they make it into some 65,000 seater football stadium. That would have to piss off a lot of baseball fans in Toronto that don't care much about football.