I will be bringing a sign to the game Thursday. I encourage all true CFL fans to do the same!

Lets speak with one voice so we're heard ..... email Rogers and threaten the boycott. If bringing a sign "BOYCOTT ROGERS" should get their attention!

Any particular reason?


Not worried.
The Bills experiment will.
While some Torontonians want American sports, they don't want American prices. Once the novelty wears off attendance will suffer.

Canadians are cheap.

I know, I'm one of em. :smiley: :smiley:

filthy 3-0, it's going to be pretty tough for you to achieve your lofty goals with this one, i must say-seeing as how over half the people you want to boycott rogers already have one type or another of their media in their home.
how do you propose people boycott rogers? don't rent movies?cut off their internet and t.v.? don't go to the rogers centre? your supporting them by entering the building.
call it a day on the boycott thing cause i think this is a one person crusade that will overcome you.

city legend

He also owns TSN which is the network broadcasting CFL games. Damned if you do damned if you don't. On that same hand you could make it so the only thing he makes money on is the CFL properties, which I was thinking of doing because of that stupid western crack he made.

I was about to get an iphone and switch over to Rogers wireless, but I think either I will find a new carrier or I just won't get the iphone. If Ted really doesn't care about destroying the CFL (whether it will happen or not), I don't want to support his company as much as possible. That includes finding a new place to rent movies as well.

If his profit starts to fall, he will think twice about this. This would be more effective than any new bill IMHO.

Easier said than done. I'd love to Boycott Rogers just because I hate them! But options are limited where I live. It's Rogers or Bell... or maybe some company that no one has ever heard of.

Rogers doesn't own TSN.....he owns Sportsnet...the network that shows 80% of the televised Blue Jay games,a team that he owns playing in a building that he owns. So while I like the concept of a Rogers boycott, I have to agree that it will be an unwinnable fight.
CTV owns TSN.

Boycotts never work anyway. If you really want to embarrass and humiliate Ted Rogers, start a campaign to have his Order of Canada status revoked.

There is only one way to deal with those scumbags, but I cant mention it on the grounds that I might incriminate myself.

I would love to boycot him...Lets see!
Nope no Rogers TV here
Nope not here!
Renting movies?
None here either.
Dont go to the Rogers center?
Never do, too long a drive!

Oh well
I would help if I could

...what has Rogers Sugar ever done to you to warrant this boycott?...

Ask kel.

...kel will no longer be available for comment, he decided that his importance to the forum was greater than the site administrator, and well, found out it wasn't....

What!??! What did I miss?

Someone PM me if shouldn't be rehashed on-board.

Although hard to oranize, such as a boycott of gas companies, this one I think could work if a groundswell were to take place.
Like some here, years ago I used to have Rogers Cantel and cable service.
I got rid of both and won't touch either of even walk into the Rogers video store.
So in my small example, the economic impact is basically zero, now on the bigger scale, let's say we could get 1000, maybe 10,000 people to turn in their phones, internet and TV.
Now with the standard package type "bundle" coverage and let's say the average monthly bill like my Bell is around $200 for the three X 1000 = $200,000 per month = $2.4M yr
X 10000 = $2M per month = $24M yr
Now that's no chump change.

Red, you crack me up. Actually I was thinking of Rogers syrups! :lol: :lol:

Just as long as nobody tries to boycot MR. Rogers.

I dont have any rogers stuff and I wont be getting any. Go to other forms of media and support Canadians. This is exactly why 1 group should not be able to control more than 1 type of media.Before you know it he will be telling us what to eat and wear.Im tired of Rogersism and his propaganda. I dont want to be your neighbor mr. rogers