Boycott Game 6

Easy for me to say because I don't have tickets, but if the fans really want to make a point, how about not showing up to the game? The team is improving, but the way they play is still pathetic. I really hope some players lose some $$$ for the stupid penalties that again plagued the team this game.

This team just needs time to gel.

Spare me with the "needs time" nonsense. We had to go through all that baloney last year. How long do we have to wait until? 2035?

I already bought box seats to the next game. If the Cats lose, I won't be surprised. But if they go the whole game without scoring a TD and Chang isn't put in, I won't be going to another Ticat game in a while.

What year are you talking about? For heavens sake, this league has 8 teams. 75% of all teams make the playoffs EVERY year. We just plain stink...from the top down....

How long would you like to wait? The end of the season?

Gel? get your own lotion buddy!

The sad thing is that this team has gelled. It's a great team. It just has an absolutely useless Quarterback.

Unfortunatly as I have said upteen times before we have to go for yet another horid loosing season before they cut the QB.

As a fan we don't deserve to suffer this nonsense and I agree with the boycott.

No longer good enough. They have had 5 games (7 including pre-season.) By the time this group gels, half of them will be bolting for the NFL or Argos..

Are the Cats mathematically eliminated yet?

Will the Cats get first pick in the draft again?

I need a vacation from football, TSN had me staring up Stegalls nose for most of the game.

Take off all you weak kneed hosers.

Quiting on this team reflects your own personal courage. If you're not tough enough to handle this situation as a fan you are not qualified to criticize the players who are.

Don't let the door hit you on the way out. Wimps.

Who cares if they get the first pick, it won't make a difference...

Yes, the math says they cannot win at least 8 of the next 13 games they would need.

And no, because they will trade it away.

How long do we ned to hang in? 1 season ,2 ,3 more? Its not like the Cats fans jumped ship at the first sign of trouble

Spoken like a true ignoramous. This has nothing to do with being "weak kneed hosers" and "wimps"--it's about making a point to the team that the fans really won't stand for it anymore. If you prefer watching a losing team, that's your problem. I don't. I want a team that scores TDs, wins games, wins championships...

instead of boycotting the games, why don't we wear all white to the next game instead of all black. They want us to wear all black at the next game.

Anyone here that didn't realize that this season wasn't going to be a cake walk, should find a hobby other than football.

There were still some positives in the game tonight. I thought the passing game looked good until Maas grew obviously tired in the 4th quarter.

This might have been a good time for Taaffe to install Chang who would have been fresh off the bench and anxious to get the win.

I hope that if the same scenerio develops in Hamilton, Taaffe won't hesitate to switch quarterbacks. Many of Maas' passes were off the mark in the 4th quarter and the more that time lapsed, the worse he got.

I sometimes think coaches are hesitant to pull their QBs because they don't want to hurt their feelings. This attitude should never be a factor. I thought Maas should have been pulled with about 7 mins remaining in the game. I don't know if the outcome would have been any different, but what would we have to lose?

Either Toronto or Montreal will be 2-5 next week,

If we win we'll be one game behind. Relax everyone.

Stop making excuses...

id settle for scoring touchdowns, even one. but id be there if i could be. going to games even ones that stink is often more fun than not going to games and staying home. and the more people that dont show up, the easier it is to buy 18$ tickets and sit in the expensive seats.