"Boycott Bills" sign

At Thursdays game I saw a fan in section 'J' (I think) waving a "Boycott the Bills" poster. I wondered if that was somebody on the forum?
I also wondered if it made it onto TSN's broadcast?

I didnt see it on TSN..

It was Bob Young.

Missed it. I turned the game off right after Martin Short joined in with the two announcers on the joking about the team. :oops: :thdn:

I hope there are lots of these signs tomorrow night.

I think everyone should make one for the game Thursday!

Wouldn't that be awesome! Just piles of signs telling the bills to stay home.

I think on the side of the (Edit: Skydome), there should be huge "Post no Bills" signs!!

At the preseason game in Toronto I saw a group holding up a big flag of the Bills logo on a white background with a big circle with a slash through it (like a No Parking sign).

They also had t-shirts marked up the same way.

I seen a few fans walking around last night with the ‘No Bills Shirts’. One of them was with a ‘Danny McManus’ fan. Too bad they weren’t selling them…ummmm…the t-shirts that is.

There was a kid selling them right before you go into the stadium.

If it was where the Cheerleaders were that could explain why I missed him.